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Build and nurture revenue streams for your business with targeted lead generation.

Let us take charge of increasing and channeling your revenue streams from the front end, while you scale other aspects of your business. From lead generation to upselling your products; our team ensures that your brand’s financial health is always going up the ladder. Maxicus offers the best support to your brand, with our decade long experience across industries.

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Phygital & V-commerce

Phygital & V-commerce

A virtual or phygital store allows your customers to recreate the in-store retail experience in their own homes by enabling them to interact with products and sales promoters in real-time, ask any questions they might have, and receive tailored recommendations and guidance. Virtual Commerce, also known as vCommerce or vCom, offers a personalized experience to your customers, making online shopping tougher to resist and more convenient than ever.

Lead Generation & Qualification

Lead Generation & Qualification

We apply next-generation techniques to develop and qualify potential leads before passing them to your sales team. With our data enrichment process and well-trained sales representatives, ensure warm and qualified leads for your brand.

With targeted outbound marketing strategies, we build strong relationships with buyers. From B2B telemarketing to on-the-call sales, the team at Maxicus covers it all.

Sales & Revenue Enhancement

Sales & Revenue Enhancement

At Maxicus, we pride ourselves on having built strong sales frameworks and talent ready to navigate conversations with new-age buyers. Purchase in today’s world is driven by trust and our agents are trained to first build a relationship with the customers before they venture out pitching.

On top of this are our technology tools to facilitate rebuttals and situational responses that accelerate sales closure.

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Discover how omnichannel communication can create personalized experiences

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The Future is Phygital Physical and Digital

The Future is Phygital: Physical and Digital

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How do you measure the success of your customer experience

How do you measure the success of your customer experience?

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