Lead Generation & Qualification

A sustainable lead generation strategy tailored for your brand.

Lead generation is a key step to meeting business goals. At Maxicus, we cater to lead generation for all stages of business whether it is for start-ups or Fortune 500 companies through our holistic approach. Our focus is to feed you back with customer insights early on, reducing acquisition cost per customer, and finally, acquire more customers faster so you can realize ROI faster.

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Standard, bland sales pitches stopped working eons ago. Today’s customers are aware, smarter, and digital savvy, and even before a sales agent starts explaining about the product, customers have the comparison ready. Sales agents have to break the ice and dig deeper to be able to connect with customers. Maxicus provides rigorous training for the same.

Demand & Lead Generation

Demand & Lead Generation

With the breaking of ice, comes the task of laying a foundation to build a business relationship on. Our teams of sales agents are trained in domains across industries and products. While trying to understand the needs of a customer, our sales agents use their expertise along with our comprehensive set of tech solutions to ascertain what product/deal fits best to each customer.

Lead Qualification


Moving ahead in the sales journey is to know whether the lead is qualified and passing it on to the sales team. This is important to keep a check on acquisition costs. But our work does not end there. Our team of experts understands your customers’ needs in-depth and work closely with your sales team to enhance conversion percentage.

Lead Nurturing


A study by Annuitas says, “Nurtured leads result in 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.” We focus on building relationship with your customers in today’s world of buyer-driven market. Our sales experts are capable of influencing all stages of the customer journey with one objective in mind — ‘improving sales conversion’.

Why Maxicus?

Why Maxicus
  • Team of professionals trained with rigorous testing and equipped with a robust Knowledge & Quality Management Solution for enhanced TAT.
  • Process teams hired on the basis of experience and knowledge of sales and customer support.
  • Technology aided human engagements for optimum efficiency and accuracy to provide required information to customers.
  • Business data and information protected using data protection guidelines and privacy terms that are enforced across the Customer Lifecycle Management portfolio.

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