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Integrated tech support for the connected consumer.

Tech Support solutions to simplify the complexity that comes with technology.

With technologies like IoT and AI transforming lifestyles, Maxicus’ integrated Tech Support Services allow for an easy transition into digital life. With our pool of specialists 24*7 at the customer’s service, Maxicus ensures that customers receive the best return from new technology with our tech support solutions. Right from installation to after-care, with intelligent technology, knowledge base and other support tools, we are the right team to outsource Tech Support to.

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Digital Devices<br>Support

Digital Devices

With an ever-evolving ecosystem of smart devices, technical issues are inevitable. With over a decade of experience in tech support, Maxicus offers tech support around smartphones, PCs, Smart TVs, routers, and other digital devices running on any operating system. This, combined with our proprietary Knowledge Management platform — KnowMax™ makes our support agents proficient at handling a wide variety of troubleshooting scenarios.

App Support 

App Support

With a strong focus on digital transformation, not only start-ups but legacy businesses are also moving to mobile-first experience for users. During this transition, resolving technical issues pertaining to device, network, and app are critical to successful app penetration thereby achieving business goals. Maxicus helps both sides of the spectrum in large scale app support at a cost viable to business.

Diagnostics &<br>Configuration

Diagnostics &

Different devices need different configurations on different operating systems. This needs rigorous training, hands-on experience, and supporting tools for agents to be able to help customers and meet C-SAT and Average Call Handling Time targets. We not only have a knowledge management platform but also state-of-the-art self-diagnostic technology to get to the root cause of the issue in the least amount of time.

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