Why Email Support is an Important Part of Customer Service

Email may not be a new or flashy communication channel out there, however, you can’t deny it’s got […]

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Deliver Great Website Experience With Live Chat Outsourcing

What is a website for? Some may say it’s for showcasing their product & services while others may […]

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Is Outsourcing To India Any Good? Consider These Pros & Cons

Businesses outsource technical support to save costs and gain other benefits, while others avoid giving up the control […]

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Top Reasons Why Startups Prefer Customer Support Outsourcing

A poor quality customer service can push consumers away, but you can minimize customer churn and improve retention […]

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Outbound Call Center Services: Best Practices to Follow

Call center industry is on the the move in the recent years. Whether you operate an outbound or […]

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How Does In-App Support Benefit Your Business in Long Run?

EuropCar – a French car rental company couldn’t make much impact in the market in the early stages of […]

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Customer Experience amid Digital Disruption: CIOs & CXOs

From “May I know your order number?” to “Thank you Mr. X for being loyal. You recently upgraded […]

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Four Industries That Must Outsource Customer Service & Why

Customer service is not the primary forte of companies in any segment, but it is central to their […]

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Customer Service Outsourcing for E-commerce: The Pathway to Customer Retention

Back in the days of Alibaba’s inception, when Jack Ma was trying to get his business off the […]

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