Transforming the global retail industry with virtual commerce

Brands are now remodeling their physical retail experience into a virtual blend of the physical and digital world - Phygital.

A virtual or phygital store allows your customers to recreate the in-store retail experience in their own homes by enabling them to interact with products and sales promoters in real-time, ask any questions they might have, and receive tailored recommendations and guidance. Virtual Commerce, also known as vCommerce or vCom, offers a personalized experience to your customers, making online shopping tougher to resist and more convenient than ever.

Challenges faced by businesses catering to customers in a post-COVID-19 era:

  • Giving more than eCommerce: Your brand stores need to gain an edge over traditional eCommerce sites.
  • Seeing is believing: Your customers want to view and feel your product before purchasing.
  • My Place, My Time: Your customers want to explore your products via a channel of their choosing, at their convenience.

Deliver personalized shopping experiences to your customers' homes via a Phygital Store driving Virtual Commerce with a Human Touch

Changing the way brands interact with consumers in a phygital world

Giving your customers the chance to visualize how a product looks before they buy it is the very ‘try before you buy’ trend which most brands are trying to tap into. Virtual visualization provides an innovative level of interaction for customers. As an alternative to only reading the product description and dimensions trying to understand how it will physically look, they can now press a button and see it for themselves on your virtual store.

How do we support your customers to purchase digitally with a physical store experience?

Fulfilling Brand Needs

  • Build a strategy to gain an advantage over eCommerce players.
  • Give your customers an experience of one-on-one physical interactions.
  • Enhance your customer experiences to gain superior Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Meeting Customer Needs

  • Ability to have a 360° view of your products.
  • Their Place, Their Time.
  • Your customers want product info, comparisons, demos, and ordering assistance in a single instance.

Achieving Seller Needs

  • Ability to showcase your products and visual content via a human promoter through multiple strategically placed HD video cameras.
  • Ability to bring your products to life with 360° maneuverability under optimal lighting.
  • Communicate, present, and share live views and content to promote your products.

Professional. Personalized. Product Experience.

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New Age Innovations

Give your customers a virtual experience they won’t forget

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Why choose Maxicus?

Maxicus has made significant progress in the world of virtual commerce by helping global brands blow traditional online stores out of the water with our phenomenal Virtual Promoter - vPromoter. A high-tech, digital platform delivering personalized experiences your customers enjoy from a physical retail location.


  • 2FA with abuse detection
  • AR-based visualizer
  • Co-browsing & whiteboarding
  • Calendar management system
  • Auto video QoS
  • 360° product view with AR glasses

vPromoter System Capability

  • Adjustable hydraulic table
  • HD multi-camera setup
  • Optimal light management
  • Hands-free view & movement

Integrated Knowledge & Learning Management

  • Decision trees
  • Visual product guides
  • Dynamic FAQs

Enhanced Security

  • Local servers to store video logs
  • Hop-by-hop video encryption
  • Data privacy
  • Audit & retention policy configuration

Video Conferencing

  • Event-based rooms
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Multiparty conference
  • Video session logs
  • Object detection in live stream

Augmented Reality (AR) Platform

  • AR glasses support
  • Micro segmented analytics
  • Detects objects & people in live stream
  • Open API ecosystem
  • Call scheduling & intelligent routing

Learn what's working and why

Discover new insights and business growth opportunities with Maxicus as your trusted virtual commerce partner. Here is a case study on how our vPromoter platform generated over INR 2.2 Million in virtual sales revenue for a Fortune 50 company.

2.2M+ of worth of sales revenue for a Fortune 50 company through virtual selling.

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