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Maxicus allows for Internet of Things (IoT) based e-surveillance of workplaces, large factories, warehouses etc. to help reduce the occurrence of unwanted events. Also gain business benefits in the form of insights on operational efficiency, energy management and cost reduction opportunities, with our managed services platform.

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Managed E-Surveillance & Guarding

Managed E-Surveillance & Guarding

Let Maxicus do the monitoring, while you focus on scaling your competencies. Leverage our managed services to eliminate the possibilities of unfortunate events, with Maxicus keeping an eye out for triggers.

Video Analytics & Object Tracking

Video Analytics & Object Tracking

Escalate business capabilities with video analytics that give important business insights. With computer vision and machine learning capabilities, our IoT based e-surveillance helps detect and track objects within range.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Ensure significant impact on quality and adherence to SOPs at your workplace with e-monitoring across sites, floors, and business processes, that helps management detect and minimize substandard procedures and output.

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