How AI-based video surveillance is changing the security game for businesses

How AI-based video surveillance is changing the security game for businesses?

Surveillance cameras are digital eyes. They do not just help us with a remote view but also allow us to gain insights during various time slots in a day. Sit in front of a LED screen and watch everything in action, you will get a different dimension to your existing security management. Today, CCTV surveillance has become a necessity in order to safeguard any business. You can easily retrieve a missing document from the office through CCTV footage. Even in critical cases such as sexual harassment, CCTV might be the final rescue to understand the events. Much like a human watching everything passively, live streams and live recorded videos definitely provide one or multiple video feeds that can be immediately used to intervene or catch the culprit.

The main aim of the surveillance ecosystem has not changed over the years but along with technology, it has definitely helped us gain clarity and efficiency in order to gain more clarity. AI-based video surveillance has provided digital brains to CCTV cameras.  Artificial Intelligence is allowing security cameras to function and analyze live feeds without human intervention. One can say, it has enhanced public safety and has changed the game for businesses by not just empowering businesses and safeguarding their commercial properties but also contributing to their resource management and setting business goals. It has saved organizations from hiring security guards and monitoring teams is what they embrace with arms wide open now.

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There is a paradigm shift in the contemporary surveillance and security landscape after the introduction of AI-based video analytics. It has dramatically changed the approach to how businesses use to manage security in their commercial property. Keeping in mind all the talks of AI and its potential, this article will give you a walkthrough of how it has changed the game for business and provides modern security solutions.

Why is there a need for AI-based video surveillance for businesses?

Today, if you enter an office building or any commercial property, the first thing you will see is a signboard of CCTV surveillance. Businesses put cameras almost everywhere. On one side, it is helpful for business owners, and on the other hand, a struggle for operators to keep pace with excessive recordings and too many live cameras. On top of that, humans have limited attention spans. Therefore, AI video surveillance is becoming imperative for a business as it can analyze more footage than human beings without getting bored. It not only segregates and shows the most important highlights of events but also brings critical insights to the operator’s attention in order to make decision-making very easy.

Let’s find out how AI will prove to be a catalyst for video surveillance.

Advantages of AI-based video surveillance


24×7 focused attention¬†

There is no denying fact that AI-based video surveillance provides the same quality surveillance around-the-clock which is tough for the human eye as it is likely to feel tired, bored, and sleepy after a point of time. That is when; you are jeopardizing your office security. Yes, you might get the recording of the crime later on but you could have stopped it at the same moment. Your security operators are watching many cameras feeds simultaneously and it is obvious that they cannot focus on all of them at the same time. By leveraging AI technology, businesses can eliminate these security lags. With AI-based video analytics, the cameras can spot unfamiliar activities and drag the attention of the less focused operators in order to prevent crime.

Advanced security measures

AI-powered video surveillance is transformative in nature. It is time-saving and makes the operators more effective and efficient in their jobs. The automatic “detection” feature in AI-based video surveillance is helping them in quick decision-making in time for an unusual occurrence. Besides, using behavioral analytics operators can identify potential intruders in real-time, for example, detect an individual crouching near an ATM or a possible gunman, or even a shoplifter in a supermarket. It allows them to verify and act on crucial events promptly. AI not only enables an immediate response in the time of a crime in your office premises but facilitates forensic investigations. With the increased value of AI-fortified surveillance among enterprises, it is becoming a quintessential feature in surveillance infrastructure that might dramatically change security operations.

A quicker search of footage

Think about life on the internet today without search engines, it would have been a struggling job, going through web pages one by one, line by line. Video surveillance works the very same way. The operator scans the long footage one by one and tries to find out about the incident. Now, Artificial intelligence has made this work possible in minutes. Humans have a limited attention span and memory, but for technology, it’s a cakewalk. Businesses are tapping into the power of AI and making the search of video footage as smooth as internet search engines.

Gain crucial business insights

AI-based video surveillance boosts efficiency. By leveraging advanced AI-based video analytics it provides crucial non-security business insights. For example, in a retail store, it helps to measure product display activity, visitor flow, dwell time, hotspots, and visitor flow.

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AI is taking over the surveillance game, quietly

Video surveillance has been adopted on a massive scale globally. From hospitals to warehouses, it has gained popularity across industries. In most cases, it has been found that video surveillance is utilized after the crime took place. It is only because of the inability to interpret the potential threat. With AI, it has been changing. AI-based video surveillance is more intrusive. Live monitoring, provides a sharp analysis of the live feed, helping to prevent the occurrence of criminal activities. Video surveillance in low-resolution cameras results in poor-quality videos. However, by leveraging AI tools, operators can gain meaningful insights by sharpening unclear footage. AI makes the identification process seamless irrespective of an object, facial, and camera resolution. Using AI video analytics operators can interpret the potential threat by analyzing physical activity patterns. While humans tend to miss out on minor but crucial details, due to a lack of consistent attention, AI ensures that nothing passes by without having checked properly. In places like warehouses and factories, where remote surveillance is pivotal, AI can flash security lights and alarms automatically in order to alert operators if it detects anything abnormal.

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