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Electric surveillance popularly known as E-Surveillance can be defined as the act of recording and observing spaces by mainly using CCTV cameras, amongst other sensors and devices. To get the benefits of the e-surveillance system to its very best level, enterprises are integrating their security system with IoT.

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most promising technologies in today’s digitized world. This technology transferred the approach of video surveillance by replacing DVR based systems with smart cameras that record HD quality video with sound. The best part of IoT based security solutions is remote monitoring. It enables a user to watch both live monitoring and past video recordings from anywhere in the world.


How smart security solutions are building new avenues for enterprises

Besides creating a safe and secure office environment for each staff of an enterprise, there are numerous other benefits of smart security solutions. Some of the major advantages a business enjoys from IoT based solutions are:


Video Analytics

A business can get help in drawing business strategies by examining the live and recorded video of CCTV cameras. For example in a retail store, video analytics helps the brand keep a track of people counting, security affairs in off-business hours and so on. By fetching data of total customer walk-ins per day, the retail brand can analyze the sales performance, waiting time, visit frequency of customers throughout the opening hours and so on. All these observations help to build more constructive and effective marketing strategies.


Quality Control

E-surveillance also helps a business in quality assurance. Smart surveillance can help a business from employee surveillance to reducing unproductive activities, error object detection in the manufacturing process. All this effort improves the overall quality of service of a business.


Safety and security 

24*7 IoT based security solutions enhance the visibility of the entire security system. This technology needs a single remote monitoring center and thus it reduces the physical needs of security persons. With real-time monitoring of multiple sites from a single command center helps the security team to take the quick and best course of action in case of some mishap. With great security assurance, smart e-surveillance reduces the expenses of companies by reducing the needs of manual security forces.


Cloud Storage

Like remote monitoring, another major perk of a smart security solution is the cloud storage of video footage. So the video recording can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.   It enables an enterprise to fetch video and image evidence anytime conveniently if required.


Understanding the need for Managed E-Surveillance for enterprises

The pros of e-surveillance overpower its cons. The biggest advantage of Managed E-Surveillance is the lower dependence on human resources for the task, along with reduced support costs. However, there are some particular places where the smart security system is the most effective and worthwhile.


Surveillance in office premises

With securing safety in office premises, video surveillance within office-floor also improves employee productivity. This results from general human psychology. Under video surveillance, everybody will be aware that their activities are watched and recorded. Putting CCTV cameras in a workplace also ensures employers that any office assets like computer, pen, paper-clips & staplers are not being stolen by employees.

Business involves a huge amount of investment. So keeping it safe and secure should be one of the top priorities for any entrepreneur. IoT based CCTV surveillance fortifies any unauthorized person to enter office premises.


Surveillance in warehouses

Business owners should take warehouse security seriously as it is one of the major places for intrusion and theft.

With the emergence of the e-commerce industry, most of the warehouses are operational 24/7. This increases the possibility of any unethical activities, especially in the night-hours. This increases the necessity for CCTV monitoring of warehouses. Again, a managed smart e-surveillance facility diminishes the need to deploy a large number of manual security forces.


Surveillance in banks/ATMs

Generally, the degree of security assistance in the banking sector is much higher than an office or a warehouse. As this sector involves cash transactions, banks should count on a strong e-surveillance system.

An IoT e-surveillance technology in both branches and ATMs will help banks to prevent incidents like bank robbery or any other sort of break-in. Besides this, ATM surveillance also lets banks know about any breakdown of the ATM machine or if it has run out of cash. Again, RBI also issued guidelines for every bank to put each of their ATMs under e-surveillance.


Managed e-Surveillance Service – your safest bet on enterprise security

With a managed e-surveillance system, the entire security solution becomes more continent and streamlined. Thus to reap the perks of a sensible e-guarding solution, enterprises should outsource their surveillance needs to a seasoned managed e-surveillance service provider.


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With round-the-clock remote monitoring, reduce dependency on human guards and reduce support costs. Besides this, enable easy access to both, live and recorded videos anytime according to the requirements of your business. Not only as a shred of evidence, but video analysis of recorded footage also helps a business in people counting. This helps to build more effective business strategies. Since this technology relies more on machines and reduces human involvement, companies find it cheaper than hiring an entire human security force.


With more than a decade of experience, Maxicus, is the best reliable partner of a managed e-surveillance service for your business.  From one office to multiple centers, we provide the best IoT based Managed E-Surveillance. From installation to maintenance, our e-guard solutions are tailored according to enterprise needs and size. For more information about our surveillance security services, contact us.


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