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From content moderation to digital cataloging services, our team of experts at Maxicus safeguards the brand value of your business at every step. With thorough screening and a rigorous quality control approach, we ensure the best-customized portfolio of services as per the needs of your business.

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Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Content Moderation plays a major role to keep a band’s online value afloat. Keep a check on user-generated/seller images for listings on your e-tail platform. Image editing, cropping and ensuring adherence to picture guidelines are some of the key areas that define a brand’s image online, and we, at Maxicus do it all.

Data Labeling &<br>Annotation

Data Labeling &

As the use of Machine Learning and Computer Vision advances projects like customer journey mapping, and people counting increase, data annotation becomes essential for training machines. From annotation of text, audio or visual data to creating datasets for machine training; ensure only the best of input for your tech.



Cataloging goes a long way; for businesses across industries. Proper cataloging makes it smoother for your users to navigate your website or to find a product easily. Enhance searchability and amplify your e-tail user experience. With organized catalogs, convert prospects into loyal users by powering a delightful online experience.

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