A closer look at outsourcing video surveillance system

A closer look at outsourcing video surveillance system

The video surveillance system has come a long way from first-generation analog video surveillance to second-generation digital video surveillance and then, has moved to third-generation, IP-based video surveillance. Today, technology has evolved with the growing market demand. Now, if you live in a big city or a suburban, you will find cameras almost everywhere monitoring your actions.

As people have become more concerned about security for their property, business, and personal safety, the video surveillance system is gaining more popularity.

The global video surveillance system market is expected to reach USD 90.37 billion by 2025 and $144.85 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 9.31%, from 2020 to 2025 & 14.6% to 2027.(Source)

Global video surveillance market growth Graph

Instead of installing these systems by themselves, businesses are looking for a service provider who can take care of their security needs.

In this article, we will understand more about the video surveillance system and how outsourcing can help the cause.

What is a video surveillance system?

In video surveillance, cameras transmit images or videos to the central host through optical fibers, coaxial video cables, and network cables. Then, the central host distributes those video signals to different monitors and recording devices. It also records the sound signals that require to be transmitted to the controller or video recorder. In the central host, the appointed operator can provide instructions by using a tool to bend left, right, up, down movements and adjust the zoom functionality, according to his convenience. By leveraging an exceptional surveillance camera mechanism, you can execute operations such as playback, image processing, and recording to deliver the best video surveillance results.

Today’s majority of video surveillance systems use digital internet protocol cameras. Therefore, the video feed is available through one’s network. It can be accessed remotely through mobile, tablets or laptops while monitoring on a central display unit. Advanced video surveillance systems can wait until they identify and detect actions and send a notification in mobile, tablets or laptops synced with authorized personnel to check the live feed. The recorded footage is saved after its encryption on a hard disk and can be viewed later through any synced devices.

Why is video surveillance outsourcing the need of the hour?

Today, an integrated security solution is a must-have thing. Whether you own a small business or large, outsourcing video surveillance provides you the security and satisfaction. As a business, you can take a breath of relief when your commercial or intellectual properties are safe. Even for your personal safety, home video surveillance is a growing reality. Outsourcing partners not only help in monitoring and discouraging unlawful activities but also it contributes to improving the performance and productivity level of your employees. One of the major perks of outsourcing a video surveillance system is that real-time video footage is available whenever required.

Intellectual property is just like gold for corporations and in order to secure that video surveillance outsourcing has turned out to be the game-changer. Today, with the advancement of technology, the expert team can monitor remotely from any part of the world. Technology has empowered businesses to take bold security measures.

What challenges do businesses face to install in-house video surveillance systems?

If you are considering installing video surveillance systems at the office or home, you might face the following challenges.


Surveillance camera systems are very costly depending on the features, monitoring systems, and the number of cameras required. The process, however, doesn’t settle only with installation and the cost of maintaining a video surveillance system is the biggest challenge faced by the business owners.

Hacking threats

Even if you install the most advanced surveillance system, there will always be a threat of hacking. The criminals will try to find out a way to get into your system. Therefore, in order to secure your video surveillance control and privacy of the recordings, hiring a service provider with experts on the job will be a better option.

Challenges of in-house e-surveillance for business

What are the benefits of video surveillance systems outsourcing?

Outsourcing a video surveillance system has several benefits such as it is cost-effective and providing you with around-the-clock surveillance and expert guidance.

Let’s dig deeper and find out more advantages of outsourcing video surveillance systems.

24×7 monitoring

Once you deploy the video surveillance system at your office or home, you need people to keep an eye on it for 24 hours, seven days a week. If you compromise on 24-hour surveillance, then you are inviting trouble. Definitely, you will be going to hire security staff for this need and you will end up spending a lot of money on their salaries. Now, outsourcing to a service provider will cut down this cost. The outsourcing partners are onboarded with security experts keeping an eye on the camera feed remotely, in real-time, and 24×7. In case of a security threat, they can immediately notify you and the damage can be prevented.

More than just a surveillance

With outsourcing, you will get more than just a video surveillance facility. Outsourcing partners will not only monitor your camera feed but also monitor the surveillance team who will take direct action, in case any trespassers try to sneak into your property. By integrating the video surveillance system with sensors, security lights, and loudspeakers, etc., the team can warn the intruders. The immediate switching on the security light and activating the security alarm, followed by a verbal warning to leave the property is adequate to keep off the invader before any damage is done.

Easy access to video footage

In case, any unusual act happens at night, you only get to know once your staff reports to you after the duty. After that, on a passive video surveillance system, you are forced to stream the video recording for hours and hours to find out the footage of the offense. However, with outsourcing, the team will have already found the footage of the crime with remote monitoring solutions and marked it for your convenience. As the video recording stores on the cloud, it is practically easier for the outsourcing team to access, even if the recording is months old.

Boost business performance and productivity

As a business, you need data to function and strategize accordingly. That is where outsourcing can help. For example, you are at a supermarket. The outsourced surveillance team will provide periodical data on customer walk-ins and conversions leveraging video analysis and object tracking technology. It will help you to identify and enhance engagement with customers. This data will benefit in analyzing the visit frequency of customers, customer wait time and sales performance. The video surveillance system can check employee adherence, maintain workplace order, and hygiene in order to boost business productivity. Through smart video analytics, it will also help in better utilization of resources and spaces.

Proactive maintenance support

Outsourcing partners offer quality control solutions that cut costs while securing better quality. The outsourced surveillance team proactively monitors, identifies, analyzes and fixes any mishap in the system. The team conducts regular testing of equipment and mechanisms such as camera operations, audio levels, light conditions, sensor & motion detectors, network signaling strength, volumetric and remote control capabilities for panning and zooming, etc. in an effort to ensure that the client is receiving desired quality surveillance, around-the-clock.

Interested in implementing a video surveillance system for your business?


Outsourcing a video surveillance system to an expert service provider, such as Maxicus allows you to guard your commercial or personal property and fight against criminal activities on your terms.

You can stop trespassers from entering and damaging your premises rather than just clean up the mess after it’s done. Therefore, make sure you are preventing the above-mentioned challenges with an outsourcing partner in place that has a team of expert professionals in place.

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