Boost your revenue stream through the virtual shopping experience

Boost your revenue stream through the virtual shopping experience

Do you know that 70% of customers who have visited a virtual store have made a purchase? – obsess

Virtual shopping will be the future of internet shopping. When you provide shoppers the choice to do shopping without actually stepping out of their homes, they won’t have to deal with traffic, parking, long lines, and so much more. Brands that adopt this technology sooner than others are more likely to benefit from it.

Let’s explore this blog to take a closer look at the virtual online shopping experience and how it can boost your revenue.

The paradigm shift in consumer behavior from traditional shopping to virtual shopping

Technology has made the world more connected than ever before. Brands are always looking for creative and innovative ways to communicate with customers.

In today’s era, customers are very well-informed. They research everything online before buying and find it comfortable to use the technology for all needs. That’s why a top-notch virtual shopping experience lets them enjoy the shopping in the comfort of their homes.

Through digital platforms, customers may examine and assess what they want to buy.

Customers actively seek digital platforms that bring a seamless and hygienic shopping experience. It is uncommon to find every item under one roof in a physical store. Brick-and-mortar stores provide this convenience, making customers visit several stores selling various brands or product categories.

Virtual shopping is here to stay

One of the latest trends among brands has emerged as video commerce, which combines the best of both the physical and digital worlds. Phygital (video commerce) offers a unique and immersive shopping experience that blends the convenience of online shopping with the personal touch of in-store shopping.

However, brands can leverage a digital store to give their customers:

  • An edge over brands
  • Go beyond traditional shopping approaches
  • A superior virtual shopping with a store-like experience no matter where they are

With the rise of Phygital commerce and live video commerce, we are seeing a shift in how brands connect with their customers.

The idea behind virtual shopping is to provide customers

  • With an immersive virtual online shopping experience
  • Allows them to explore products
  • Give your customers more options for buying from you
  • Offers convenience and accessibility

Boost your revenue growth and turn shoppers into lifetime customers

A virtual shopping experience is a way to give your customers more choices in the way they shop. This empowers them to buy more, encourages repeat purchases, and grows your business.

The virtual shopping experience is a win-win for brands and customers prioritizing safety. With the impact of covid-19 customers are now actively seeking digital platforms that bring a seamless and hygienic shopping experience. When it comes to virtual shopping, numerous ways drive both brands and customers.

Deliver A Personalised Shopping Experience at Home


Here’s a quick insight:

1# Virtual shopping experience adds a human touch to your business

As we start shifting from e-commerce to virtual commerce, retailers are in the myth of losing the human touch. Delivering a consistent and excellent digital experience for multiple products and services continues to form rich human touch connections.

In today’s world, real-time is what shoppers are browsing. Brands that shape themselves into the power of virtual Shopping are more likely to benefit from it. According to Slideshare fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a personalized experience.

Here are a few insights into where you can keep the human touch:

  • Delivering a personalized experience
  • Build a mutual connection with your customers
  • Leverage self-service solutions like chatbots, digital platforms, etc.
  • Analyze customer data to offer proactive services
  • Act upon customers’ feedback customarily

It’s impossible to deliver an excellent CX without a human touch. Consumers in the digital era want a superior customer experience, which means they want a real and human experience touch that they’re sure to remember. This personalization enriches customer experience greatly, which helps your brand to boost revenue and make your customers lifetime customers.

2# Builds brand loyalty through the virtual shopping experience

The virtual online shopping experience is a new way of shopping, changing how customers interact with products.

This new way of shopping has been developing for a few years now, allowing shoppers to see products in an immersive environment. This also saves time because they don’t have to drive to the store, wait in line, or worry about finding their size in the store. This helps shoppers make more informed decisions and build brand loyalty.

According to the fact, a 7% increase in loyalty can boost lifetime profits per customer by as much as 85%. So, the benefit of increased customer loyalty is increased profits-Brand Keys.

3# Improved product discovery

Virtual shopping makes it simpler for customers to find new products. Customers are restricted to what is available at any one time in a physical store.

However, in a virtual environment, retailers can showcase an infinite number of products without worrying about storage limitations. It allows them to browse a much more comprehensive selection of products than they could in a physical store. Additionally, it’s excellent news for retailers because it gives them a chance to sell more goods and boost their revenues.


Virtual stores are an effective means of increasing revenue. Businesses can boost revenue by creating a virtual shop where customers can do instant shopping from their comfort. It’s easy to build your own. You can use virtual shopping to boost sales and keep customers engaged with your business.

Get in touch with us today at or and give a significant boost to your revenue. With Phygital video commerce, all this is possible and more!

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