6 Major benefits of outsourced telemarketing (1)

6 Major benefits of outsourced telemarketing

The older the method of telemarketing gets, the more relevant it gains. With time, telemarketing has transformed from cliché cold calls and ‘robocalls’ to voicemail, VoIP, and video calls. Now, telemarketing is not just about dialing numbers and making the sales pitch to customers. The customers have metamorphosed it as well. It is now more about sales techniques, research, and a process of looking for innovative ways to engage leads and attract them to invest in your product or services. Telemarketing is an effective tool to promote your products/services as well as boost your revenue.

According to research, 78% percent of decision-makers have taken an appointment or attended an event because of an email or cold call. (Source)

Outsourced telemarketing services help businesses to augment customer relationships with the existing ones. The large-scale of outsourced telemarketing include inbound customer service, telesales outsourcing, outbound research, and outbound lead generation.

Let’s learn more about them and understand them in detail.

A handbook to select the perfect outsourcing partner for your business

Types of telemarketing services

There are mainly four types of telemarketing services and choosing the right approach is crucial. If you fail to do so, it can lead to the downfall of your business. Hence, understanding them in detail is important.

Inbound telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing simply refers to receiving incoming phone calls from customers that have been generated through broadcast advertising.

Broadcast advertising can include email marketing, social media, and so on. To be more precise, this marketing approach is usually initiated by the consumer to place an order for a product/service they are interested in. For example, you as a customer came across an exciting winter sale advertisement on Facebook and you want to know more details about it. Therefore, you take your phone out and ring the number mentioned in the commercial. A well-trained representative will attend your call and give you the details of the sale or product/service and you place the order then and there itself.

Outbound telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing and inbound telemarketing are totally opposite from each other. In outbound telemarketing, agents are the ones who initiate the telephone call to the leads or potential customers. Here, leads are the direct target and the goal is to introduce the product/service to potential customers. The approach demands agents to have the good product knowledge and product training to explain it to the leads. It is simply a proactive sales approach. About 51% of businesses would rather hear from sales representatives through telephone compared to email, faxes, drop-in visits, and other media, according to phone call statistics. (Source)

B2B telemarketing

B2B telemarketing is for business-to-business transactions and all about using calling as a channel for selling purposes. It is a practice to build linkage between two or more businesses or it can be selling products/services from business to business. B2B telemarketing as a strategy helps you to find the right people to have as customers and enables you to promote your brand. Directing your business to new opportunities, it helps to establish and develop credibility among current and future customers/clients.

B2C telemarketing

B2C telemarketing focuses more on customers in contrast to B2B. In B2C telemarketing, telemarketers directly target leads that have shown interest in your particular product or service. More like outbound telemarketing, your agents dial-up to the potential customers with a proactive sales approach. In this telemarketing strategy, here, the goal is to introduce a product/services to the leads as well as to sell them.

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6 Major benefits of outsourced telemarketing

Today, businesses are looking forward to outsourcing their telemarketing services to an expert team. It is the right option for several reasons. Let’s look into why outsourced telemarketing can work for your business.


Hiring an outsourcing company for telemarketing is one of the best tactics to increase growth for businesses from start-ups to large businesses. In a time, when you have a full-time in-house sales team, it becomes a deal which is too expensive, outsourcing is the go-to solution in terms of reducing cost in such instances. With outsourcing, most the telemarketing companies charge based on the achieved sales target in complete contrast to in-house. Outsourced telemarketing to a specialist company is a worthwhile investment and frankly, it is cheaper than any other marketing method.

Continuous brand representation

A telemarketing outsourcing partner provides an organized strategy that decides how your brand is represented in the market. A structured business framework from an outsourced telemarketing company makes sure that the brand idea and its values are portrayed in front of the customers in the best possible ways in order to generate sales. Outsourced telemarketing allows proper methods for scheduling follow-ups and escalating questions with a broad knowledge of the brand.

Skilled workforce

The ability to communicate over the telephone doesn’t make telemarketing successful. Hiring a third-party telemarketing expert means that you are getting telemarketers who are well-versed and trained in the art of selling over the telephone. They are well-motivated and as well as experts in working in a result-oriented process.


Telemarketing is not only about calling leads but it is also about shortlisting out the potential customers from the list. Dedicating time to manage both the work needs flexibility. In outsourcing, employees will work even on Sundays against little compensation and ensure that their assigned work is ready before time. Telemarketing campaigns demand a flexible work schedule and not only a 9-5 thing. In order to achieve this, you want an experienced and skilled telemarketing company to work with you.

Greater sale conversion

Ecommerce leaders are linking their websites to their contact centers. If the customers are facing any issues to purchase a product, they click on the button and request a callback. Then, a skilled customer support representative will contact the customer and help to make the purchase. This is a kind of telemarketing strategy that allows brands to convert from lead to a sale.


One of the major advantages of outsourced telemarketing is that objectives and Return on investment (ROI) can be measured from the very beginning. Outsourcing your telemarketing services will authenticate what your conversion rate is from engaged appointments to the converted business. It will also verify the standard ROI you will see from these converted leads, etc. All of these metrics are important and factored into a telemarketing campaign to make sure that it delivers greater sales.

Challenges of outsourcing telemarketing services

Less control

Since your telemarketing operations will be handled by a third-party company, direct supervision may become a bit challenging. Choosing an outsourcing partner with the ability and correct credentials becomes crucial here. A specialized telemarketing company that offers transparency through technology and metrics is an incredible thing to have.

Language limitations

The first attention must be given to language proficiency. It is important to make sure the language proficiency is compatible with the target audience, particularly for that campaign. If the telemarketers don’t have the command over the language and skills to communicate, it will surely lead to miscommunication with the customers, miss out on the sale and ruin the brand’s reputation.


Businesses share confidential customer information with outsourced partners. The leak of sensitive pieces of information can become the downfall of the business.

Tips to hire telemarketing company

Experience is important

How long have they been around in the industry? Do they specialize in telemarketing?

Cross-check and hire telemarketing company that has vast experience based on your business goals. Don’t hire a team of telemarketers who will interact with your clients or customers in improper ways to pitch products and make sales. Make sure the outsourced partners have skilled and well-trained telemarketers.

Outline your strategy

Go through the data of your business and properly analyze it. Once you have conducted a proper review, identify the pain points, potential solutions, and current working plan. Outline a strategy on how you can use a telemarketing company effectively to grow your business. Find out about their technology and tools, and check if that will it be the right fit. Now, firms even hire employees remotely and they perform online telemarketing to save resources. However, it is important to make sure that this telemarketing from home setup has monitoring tools in place for performance measurement.

Do the legwork

Visit the third-party office location, meet the several floor managers, and quality team, and see how agents are interacting with leads. Once you make a tour, you will get the hang of how they are operating and this full picture will contribute to your decision-making process.

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The growing number of businesses opting for outsourced telemarketing is proof that companies understand its advantages. With the rapid pace of technological change, outsourcing this type of work has become necessary for many businesses. Whether you outsource to an in-house team or an outside agency, finding a company that can save your business money and provides you with additional benefits is vital.

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