Role of CCTV in compliance management

Role of CCTV in compliance management

The global video surveillance market is projected to reach $74.6 billion by 2025 in revenue. (Source) In recent years, implementing a CCTV monitoring system has become immensely popular as an effective security measure. Enterprises are turning towards CCTV monitoring systems to keep a track of events in their business premises and tightening the security arrangements.

The benefits of surveillance cameras can be diverse, depending upon their usage, and workplace compliance management is one of them. If the employees know that they are being watched, they will certainly follow the office’s adherence. It will keep them off from attempting any mischief, otherwise, they will be all over the place. They will start gaging in the work and not follow the protocols. Not having a CCTV surveillance system can lead to total mismanagement in workplaces which can cost businesses big time in the context of productivity.

Every business either big or small has its own set of rules and compliances. Video surveillance system allows businesses to monitor and get an insight into how well the workers are following the guidelines and meeting compliances regularly. Besides, it will help you to analyze to improve standards, policies, and regulations.

At workplaces, employee theft is considered as a major non-compliance of policies. Still, the internal theft numbers are rising and businesses are facing huge losses, limiting their prospects of success and possibly, jeopardizing their future. At least, 7% of annual revenues are lost to employee theft and fraud (Source) but with business video surveillance systems, this can be prevented. Security cameras will detect and catch employees in the act and establish robust internal control. Let’s know how different industries are overcoming compliance management challenges by leveraging CCTV surveillance.

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Role of CCTV in compliance management in different industries


For manufacturing plants, the role of CCTV is important to restrict access to all sections of the site from entry to the plant through the gates to limited access areas and no entry zones inside the factory; all of it comes under the organization guidelines. Managing and controlling both workers and outsiders can be challenging tasks for security personnel. Here, CCTV monitoring allows businesses to have peace of mind. The surveillance cameras can detect and allow authorized access and restrict unauthorized access. Besides, CCTVs can be empowered to maintain employee adherence such as log worker’s attendance and timekeeping. The role of CCTV is to always watch workers; therefore, they are intimidated to waste time and focus more on their job. Hence, it increases production rates.


With the help of a CCTV monitoring system, retail store supervisors can monitor whether their representatives are paying proper attention to the shoppers and are helping them promptly to purchase.

In retail, shoplifting is a huge concern for businesses. It comes under regulatory compliances and businesses are trying hard to eliminate it. Businesses are losing up to $55 million per day due to shoplifting. (Source) Whether it is done by visitors, customers, or even employees; store managers are bound to involve law enforcement. But first, how do you spot them? CCTV can counter this problem. With 24×7 live monitoring, operators can stop shoplifters from performing actively. Besides, if any previously convicted shoplifter enters the store, the security cameras can detect it and the operators can track them. CCTV-covered retail stores are nightmares for shoplifters.


Quick response to emergency cases is of absolute importance of any hospital. Some hospital staff, nurses, or doctors may have a careless approach towards emergency patients which leads to a delayed response in decisive conditions. Sometimes, these misdeeds may cost a patient’s life and ruin the hospital’s reputation. Besides, it can get them into legal trouble. CCTV surveillance prevents staff, nurses, and doctors to entertain indiscipline within the hospital premises. Therefore, the CCTV surveillance system allows hospitals to deliver satisfying patient care and magnifies the goodwill of the hospital.

Hygiene is a major factor for hospitals as it has a huge impact on patient care and sanctuary. With the help of the CCTV monitoring system, the hospital administration can check the proper cleaning of floors, canteen area, and surgical equipment. Biomedical waste management is also important for hospital compliance. As per guidelines, medical and pharmaceutical waste should be cautiously managed, isolated, and must not be dumped in random dustbins. Any non-compliance will invite penalization. Hence, hospitals are tapping into the CCTV surveillance service that can be monitored and accessed remotely, adding to the cause.


CCTV surveillance cameras not only allow banks to monitor branches and ATMs, but they ensure all the bank guidelines are being followed. For example, in cases wherein, more than one person at a time has entered the ATMs or too much crowd in front of the branch cash counter. The operators can inform the guards when a certain number of people are detected and restore it in order. This allows banks to proactively control physical spaces for overcrowding, easily assess the site, and secure protocol compliance.


A CCTV monitoring system is pivotal for school complexes, especially for those that are located in remote locations. A high-quality video surveillance system continually monitors security breaches, in which an instant response can be called out. Stops unauthorized check-ins and keeps video logs of authorized entries in the schools.

One of the major reasons for installing CCTV surveillance in schools is counter bullying or abuse in classrooms, corridors, and playgrounds. Besides, school administrations can track whether the teachers are coming on time in the class or not. This heavily improves student learning and parents can be relaxed after dropping their children at school.

Outsource CCTV surveillance

CCTV monitoring is a great crime prevention mechanism. From deployment to implementation, CCTV surveillance outsourcing incorporates all the security needs of commercial facilities. The outsourced video surveillance team works intimately with their clients to create the best business video surveillance systems that meet their security expectations and budgets.

By outsourcing CCTV surveillance for enterprises, can detect any non-compliances that can be bought in the notice in real-time. The quicker the response is, the higher is the chance of preventing the breach of guidelines that can hurt your company. When employees or outsiders see the CCTV deployed in banks, hospitals, or offices, they are compelled to think twice before doing anything that can get them into trouble. CCTV surveillance outsourcing allows business administrators to be on the front seat regarding security management. Additionally, there are more CCTV outsourcing services for enterprises, such as 24×7 remote surveillance, centralized cloud storage at low cost, and expert guidance.

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By outsourcing CCTV surveillance for businesses, all of the classified company data and multiple commercial properties can be monitored properly at the same time, live and around-the-clock. Video surveillance outsourcing keeps businesses combat-ready to take on any uninvited events. We follow the idea of ‘prevention is better than cure’. Maxicus assures to prevent any possible violation of compliance, that is, a head-on for businesses.

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