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Leap is a one-stop solution for possible challenges of remote working. Here are its features at a glance.

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User status

On the basis system usage and strokes, determine a user’s status on-the-job. Leap is designed to mask keyboard and mouse strokes of a user’s system to give a comprehensive report of how active or inactive a user is during working hours.

System status

A supervisor can get each active user’s system battery status at regular intervals. This renders any chances of interruption or disconnection due to battery dis-charge from user’s side during live conversation with customers or other stakeholders.

Live barge-in

The barge-in features allows for any security leak to be tapped into by a supervisor. In case of any malpractice on a user’s behalf, a supervisor can raise a flag against the same in real-time. Data security and real-time user monitoring in a single go.



Live chat

With options to create channels or groups for particular functions or even coffee break banter, communication is made simpler with the live chat feature. A user can choose to chat with their supervisor in real time, just like any other chat tool, without having to even change windows.

Instant notifications & Broadcast messages

Allows a supervisor or super admin to issue notices and instant notifications using broadcast messaging tool. Any message broadcasted reaches every user within a supervisor ambit, without interrupting the day’s work.

Workplace security

workplace security

AI-based validation

Leap comes with AI-based validation feature that ensures authorized access to the workplace platform. With two-factor authentication to log in to a workplace, Leap ensures optimum security.

Device lockdown during working hours

A user’s system is moved into a more customized mode to restrict access to resources or websites. This allows for limited access to and from sources that might hamper data security.

Website whitelisting

The platform terminates all possibilities of data leaks. With selected URLs and authorized access, the platform allows for only whitelisted resources and websites to be accessed during work hours.

Learning & Training

Learning and training

Learning & Knowledge Management integration

Integrated with Learning & Knowledge Management System, virtual classrooms for remote training and learning while on-the-job. This feature allows for easy onboarding of new users with tools like decision trees, FAQs etc. for easy learning, and full access to company knowledge.

Network Health

Network Health

Network/VPN Health

Leap allows both users and supervisors to check their own workstation’s network strength and VPN heath of the organization before logging in. This rectification process not only marks any kind of network glitches beforehand but also renders a user from interrupting business as usual due to the same.



Reporting & User Management

Upload all sorts of files and reports onto the platform for easy access. Sharing of daily and monthly reports like User Performance Report, login hours and other payroll-related reports, Incentive Qualifying Report etc. is made easy. Managers can also enable/disable/modify access to these reports as per need.

Analytics & Reporting dashboard

A single dashboard with reports integrated of each team is made available to a supervisor or super-admin. These dashboards can be customized to fit the need of the user/supervisor in terms of metrics, period of time, etc.

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