How Call Centre Outsourcing Services Benefit Education Centers

How Call Centre Outsourcing Services Benefit Education Centers

Educational institutions are continuously making improvements to enhance their services to the students, and external call center services are one simple, cost-effective option to do so. Call center outsourcing service benefits schools, colleges, and other secondary institutions.

Young adults now have more choices than ever for colleges and universities. In fact, more and more seniors are now attending university and switching professions. In this climate, educational institutions face increased competitiveness and obstacles.

How can you beat these obstacles and competitiveness? Before we dive into it, let’s understand the ed-tech market in India.

The Ed-Tech Market Overview

India is the world’s second-largest Ed-Tech market.

EdTech is redefining learning into a highly individualized, immersive multimedia experience, altering how students consume knowledge. Thanks to online learning platforms, students have more access to quality education and standardized information across institutions and countries.

Campuses are being redesigned to reflect the modern workplace. There is widespread Wi-Fi connectivity and collaborative spaces in conjunction with lecture rooms and theatres. The paradigm shift in educational infrastructure is meant to enable interactive learning to meet the needs of a linked, mobile-first school population.

However, educational centers are facing several challenges, like:

  • Having the capacity to staff up with qualified customer service and technical support personnel during high traffic
  • Offering expert support for students, instructors, and staff
  • Offering multilingual and specialized services for international students
  • Providing online learning platforms and networking technologies with practical IT assistance to professors and staff

This shows the need for education call center outsourcing services.

Why Do Educational Institutions Require Call Center Outsourcing Services?

Colleges and universities are under more pressure than ever before. With more post-secondary institutions and job options available, academic institutions must concentrate on attracting potential students; and providing a superior standard of service throughout their educational experience. Students have a varied range of institutions to pick from. So, they can even move schools mid-program if they have a terrible experience. Many academic institutions depend on their alumni for support, which is only achievable with a great educational experience.

Universities and colleges can use education call center outsourcing to attract more potential students, enhance enrollment, increase student happiness, and promote support from alumni.

The Advantages of Educational Call Center Outsourcing Services

Reduce Long Waiting Times  Outsourcing a call center can assist academic institutions in coping with a larger volume of calls and a considerable number of students. This helps them service more students efficiently with a faster turnaround time, thereby allowing them to manage high volumes.

Increase Enrollment:  Among the most effective strategies for raising enrollment is through call centers. Education call centers could provide outbound and inbound services to recruit new students and further enhance your enrollment rate.

Reduce Complaints: Poor service to your customers can lead to lower enrollment, more time and money spent by your institution, and damage to your educational institute’s reputation. Call centers, on the other hand, employ tried-and-tested approaches to handle complaints and reduce conflict.

Reduce Operational Overheads to 30%: Hiring a call center is less expensive than retaining administrative personnel or forming a “student service” team. Call centers provide qualified workers at reasonable prices, cutting post-secondary institutions’ operational expenses to up to 30% on an average.

Accelerate Processing: Call centers can help you streamline your operations and handle students more swiftly and efficiently, from registration to financial aid.

Improve Student Satisfaction: The level of service given is one of the most important factors students consider when judging their educational institution. It includes how easily they enrolled, obtained financial assistance, and addressed their problems, all things that a call center can administer.

These are some areas where industry professionals can help schools reach new heights.

While there are many instructional websites, schools might benefit from online learning systems tailored to the demands of their specific student group. Providing supervised education through organized, curated, and beautifully crafted virtual platforms can turn education into a pleasurable adventure for students. With the latest assessment tools, lesson plans, and examinations at their disposal, instructors may spend their classroom time to provide the most fruitful input that they alone can provide: a teacher-learner bond fostered via individual and personal supervision.

Schools have the resources, and sometimes, the laboratories and kits needed to impart education. Rather than taking away from their valuable time, business process outsourcing can help take care of the operational side of things with ease. This way, educational institutes can focus on doing what they do best – teach and nurture the future leaders of the world.

Crunching the Numbers

Big data and previous data integration give accurate techniques for measuring pupils’ progress and attainment. Schools can inspect their performance by an outside firm experienced in using these analytic methods. Indeed, authorities such as the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai established demanding standards that a school must achieve before raising prices and starting higher levels.

Similarly, the Government of India has established school reports for teachers and other evaluation criteria for rating institutions. It has become critical to have specialist data scientists who can assist schools in using these tools to enhance their efficiency and ranking. Education call center outsourcing can come to aid in this sphere as well. Educational institutes can leverage the tech stack of their outsourcing partner for data analytics and progress tracking.

Overall Skill and Personality Development

Outsourcing extracurricular activities might help bring in subject experts to instruct pupils. Several sports organizations now provide skilled coaching in a range of sports and an organized curriculum in physical training that is more rigorous and up to date with the most recent approaches to education and wellness growth metrics. With many back-office, administrative, and operational activities are taken care of by business process outsourcing, educational institutes would have more time on their hands to dedicate to such extracurricular activities.


Because of the pandemic, more educational institutes are moving digital, making technical assistance for children more crucial than ever. Outsourcing specific business functions will increase their efficiency, allowing them to pursue these goals more aggressively.

Outsourcing checklist guide

Furthermore, a business process outsourcing partner can assist the organization in managing peak activities. For example, during the enrollment process for a new session, there is a peak volume of work. This includes preserving student records, indexing, and creating repositories of digital instructional resources. With the advancement of technology and the right outsourcing partner, students can now settle their concerns in real-time with autonomy and assistance facilities.

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