Contact Center Checklist Things to look out for while choosing your outsourcing partner

Quality assurance call center checklist: Things to look out for while choosing your outsourcing partner

Having a quality assurance call center checklist is crucial to ensure that a contact center meets process KPIs, drives revenue, improves agent productivity, and most importantly, ensures customer satisfaction and improves customer loyalty. Although the phrase ‘back to basics’ may be a common saying, it does not accurately reflect the mindset businesses should have toward contact centers. A contact center serves as a central hub for managing customer interactions across various channels. As the contact center landscape constantly evolves, it is essential for businesses to go digital to remain competitive, especially in the age of bots. When looking for an outsourcing partner, businesses should choose one that values the emotional aspect of customer service, understands customer needs, and provides impactful solutions. By prioritizing these factors and incorporating a quality assurance call center checklist, a contact center can provide high-quality service and improve customer loyalty, which is critical in the contact center outsourcing industry.

Outsourcing checklist guide

Keep an eye out for some of these characteristics while choosing a contact center to outsource to:

The grip on both digital and legacy channels

A Wall Street Journal survey predicted a 17 % drop in phone interactions between the years 2017 to 2019. Enabling the customer to connect with the business through the channel they prefer and resolve the issues originating from different connectivity without losing credibility makes the customer more confident to invest in the product.

While the leading contact centers create a phone channel to remain more accountable in complex issues, they also build and foster technology that allows for more. Email, live chat, and chatbots are some examples of digital channels, which have already become a norm for any business in the 21st century.

Outsourcing partners that value the human touch, and believe in enhancing agent capabilities with intelligent tech will be the ones that make your brand truly customer-centric.

Building AI-powered customer engagements

Artificial Intelligence-powered customer engagement provides an extra edge to companies. Not only does it help businesses deliver faster, more efficient support, but also reduces agent effort and helps boost CSAT.

Bots have made a space for themselves as customer service agents, capable of handling a large number of customers at a time, running 24×7. Bots, as a first interaction, identify the need of the consumer, and ensure that the correct people are looking at them. This makes the service more efficient, the quality of the conversation gets improved and the customer gets a productive resolution.

From aiding Support Agents to powering self-service, an outsourcing partner should only have the best interest of your business at heart – meaningful customer engagements.

Ability to be a soft-walled contact center

A soft-walled contact center works by expanding its team to multiple sites, positioned in several departments depending largely on mobile and remote workforce. This includes third-party applications with regularly updated features that make it easier to connect with customers.

Leading contact centers are adopting the technology to grow, a versatile and dynamic way to do business. They do not want to compromise on customer satisfaction. To achieve that an outsourcing partner needs to be more flexible.

The ability to be agile and nimble is what only a few players in the industry possess. Choose a contact center that allows you to cater to your customer base with the best and most efficient technology and know-how.

Robust training and quality assurance

Collaborating with your outsourcing partner is key. And when it comes to training your support team, it becomes more important to do so. A contact center that incorporates your business’ values in their training programs, is one who cares the best for your customers.

Digital classrooms, and training programs catering to customer pain points with CX specialists and QA teams allows for agents to perform better. Good customer experience is a foremost concern for any business. And training support teams to deliver just that by using technology to aid them is equally important.

Reducing human effort

Only when support teams are comfortable with information and processes, will they be able to deliver their best. Scouring through multiple channels to find the right information only adds a boulder in the road towards greater CX. The customer gets agitated and remains dissatisfied with the company’s response to their concerns.

With solutions like decision trees, visual guides, FAQs, etc. agents can get access to information at the click of a button. Ticket handling time is reduced, queries get resolved faster, the customer is happy, and so is your support team.

New-age contact centers are tapping into simple cloud-based solutions. Moving to the cloud allows agents to have a unified interface. They can assist customers faster and be more successful in solving a problem. The productivity of every agent increases and they will be more proactive. The lesser human effort will be, the need for manpower would also eventually reduce – a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Choose the best for your customers

If you say no to adaptability, your customers will say no to you. The contact centers are getting the better of old traditional business methods. Brands are making themselves more approachable in front of the customer to build a relationship with them; a strategy that generates constant revenue. They do not want any trade-off in this competitive market. And the smarter thing to do to stay relevant is by outsourcing customer-facing transactions to those who are seasoned players.

Stop counting sheep, start counting loyal customers.

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