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Phygital in the automotive industry: Wind of change in delivering CX

The automobile sector has matured into providing a phygital buying experience. The pandemic has accelerated this process considering social distancing. As a result, consumers can have a real-life experience of the vehicle & its features, colors 360-degree, virtually leveraging AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality).

Today, customers can access any global brand from their mobile and choose the vehicle without stepping out of the comforts of their house. Instead, they can communicate with a sales executive who will address all their queries by displaying features on a virtual platform to create a showroom experience.

Many global brands are entering into this fray in a big way and are striving to leverage phygital marketing to transform customers’ buying experience to the next level.

“Going phygital is the correct approach for the automobile industry in the present digital era. Consumers are interested in developing technologies that firms employ to raise awareness of their items in a particular market.”

Digital or online approaches are critical for a business to gain a foothold in the market and compete with its competitors. Traditional techniques of establishing awareness among the car sector customers are no longer relevant in today’s fast-paced world.

Embrace the Phygital era in automotive. Drive into the future now.

Compared to contemporary means of creating awareness through internet platforms and other digital media, there’s always a chance of reaching a larger audience.

Benefits of phygital in the automotive industry for a better CX

Due to the advanced virtual and augmented reality tools, industry experts can give a better sense of experience and services to their customers. In the automobile sector, customers can better understand the vehicle at their convenience in a single instance. Let’s look at some benefits phygital provides for the automotive industry in delivering customer experience:

360-Degree view of a vehicle

With the advancement in technology, it has become possible for brands to provide an option for virtual selling to their customers. For example, most automobile platforms that offer a phygital shopping experience have features like a 360-degree view. Customers can view items they are interested in, in 360-degrees using their smartphones at their own pace and time with the aid of 3D graphics and sound effects (if any) delivered through AR.

Customers can quickly obtain product information, comparisons, demos, and purchase support through their smart devices instantly.

Convenience of time

When customers shop online, they can save time. They don’t have to go through the agony of physically going to a place to shop. Instead, they access a huge number of online businesses at their fingertips where they may shop whenever and wherever they choose. This allows the brand to provide a genuinely unique phygital consumer experience.

Ease of buying & access to more options

The idea of phygital v commerce has evolved tremendously throughout the ongoing pandemic. Customers are increasingly feeling safer to choose less touch shopping alternatives as much as possible for their protection, convenience, and social distancing. In addition, they now have the option to shop and have their orders fulfilled more easily online.

Customers can now quickly acquire a comprehensive overall picture of any product or brand they are interested in or willing to buy at the moment. Then, they can inspect the goods, ask the sales executives any questions they have, and complete purchases online while being safe and at easeā€”all within the comfort of home.

Phygital car sales provide customers with more buying options about browsing a range of models without physically visiting a showroom for selecting a car.

Personalized interaction with the customer

In phygital car sales, customers get personalized attention from support executives who provide customized solutions as per requirements. They address all their customer’s doubts, and help them in selecting the most appropriate vehicle that meets their needs and aspirations. It depends upon their selling skills and establishing a personal rapport with a customer. Then, once the sale gets closed, it creates a lasting relationship since they are the brand’s face on whose faith the customer made the buying.

Prospects of Phygital buying

Once deployed, phygital marketing will continue for the brand to stay as it boosts the brands’ bottom line at generating more revenue. It allows the brand to meet and beat the competition in a volatile market. Sales will still be 100% online. However, in case of a necessary registration process and some bank formalities, physical signatures of customers are required.

Furthermore, when the customer wants to test drive the vehicle for a firsthand experience physically, a blend of the physical and digital model will continue to exist.

Diving into the future of Phygital: Physical + Digital


With the explosive growth in digitalization and information technology, the automotive industry has dived into the phenomenon. By leveraging phygital marketing strategy, brands are enhancing customer buying experience to the next level. Phygital is making the customer buying experience seamless at all touchpoints.

In order to stay in business and generate higher revenue, it is indispensable for brands to offer phygital shopping experiences to customers. Maxicus delivers personalized shopping experiences to your customers’ homes via a Phygital Store driving Virtual Commerce with a human touch. Contact Us.

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