Customer Onboarding is an umbrella term that’s often used to describe the entire process that users go through when they start their journey as a customer of your product or service. The onboarding experience can define the ongoing relationship your customer has with the product. It’s important.  

Customer onboarding refers to the process of gradually and effectively showing the customer everything you have to offer. To break it down, all activities involved in introducing a new customer to your company product or service. It’s about teaching the new client how to get the most out of your product or service. Onboarding new customers involve listening to their questions and concerns and answering them. It’s about making their experience as smooth as possible.


What customer onboarding is so important?

  • Customer churn is going to go down.
  • Customers will stay longer with your brand.
  • You’re going to set them up for success so that you can then sell more to them through upsell, cross-sell, and the land-and-expand model.
  • You can expect them to advocate for you.

Of course, getting them to stay longer, getting them to buy more, and getting them to advocate for you don’t just happen magically. Businesses have to do other things to make sure that these things happen by setting your customers up for success. Set customers up in a way that those things can happen if you operationalize appropriately. What you can expect is a bigger, more valuable business for you, which is kind of necessary.

Customer onboarding is the continuous process of first introducing your users to the platform, then connecting them with the right features at the right time. Onboarding is critical throughout a customer’s journey to ensure that they always get the most out of your product thereby improving retention. Outsourcing the onboarding process enables the firm to maintain focus on core competencies and drive mission-critical business priorities that generate higher revenue.


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