Chat process is a common term used in contact centers for when a brand’s support team uses live chat to interact with customers.

With the option of ‘chat’ often appearing on a band’s website or in its app in the form of a pop-up dialogue box, a chat process allows for the customer and the agent to communicate via short, written, synchronized messages.

Since they function on the front line of customer service, it’s important that chat agents be comfortable communicating directly with customers in the written word. Chat agents can work remotely or in a standard office environment, and are generally required to have customer service experience.

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Chat Support is an important growth channel. We consider it practically a minimum requirement for businesses that want to offer the best customer experience. Given the recent customer preferences, it is often more convenient than voice support and quicker than email.

Benefits of Chat process in customer service

here are some benefits of chat process in customer service.

The chat process improves the support experience for customers

The top reason why customers prefer to chat process is that it lets them get their questions answered immediately.

Chat process helps with customer acquisition and onboarding

Live chat is a great way to connect with prospective and new customers and give them the confidence they need to use your product or spend money on your website. According to Forrester, consumers who use chat are 2.8 times more likely to convert than those who don’t.

Chat process lets your agents build rapport with customers

In an ongoing chat, agents can observe a customer’s tone and sentiment and adjust their styles to fit the situation best. By mirroring style or adjusting formality to match a customer’s, agents can quickly build rapport and establish a friendly, helpful relationship.

Chat process reduces repetition for your customers

No one wants to have to explain the issue they’re having over and over again. In fact, 72% of customers expect an agent to know their details — including support history and product information — without asking for them.

Chat process boosts your customer service team’s productivity

Live chat is also helpful in improving the productivity of your customer service agents. While a person can only be on one phone call or reply to one email at a time, with chat they can juggle a few at once.

Chat process lets you provide 24/7 support

With careful scheduling, live chat support can be made available 24/7 — if that would be beneficial to your business — or any other selection of hours you prefer. Omnichannel support? Even better.

Chat support increases customer engagement

When you make live chat readily available, you’ll likely see an increase in interactions.

Chat process can give you an edge over your competition

If your competitors don’t offer live chat or provide low-quality chat support, that gives you space to do it right and earn their business.

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This data helps inform product decisions

One major perk to providing support via chat is all of the data you can collect. Depending on your live chat software, you should be able to store, organize, and tag chats to filter them for review later.

Customers are getting more and more comfortable with chat support. And not only do they prefer it, they expect it, too.


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