Cataloging helps you understand what you have, where it is located (on display, in-store, on loan), and what stories it tells. It helps you prioritize work and resources through understanding how important any given item is. Unfortunately, we often never get around to catching up the cataloging, and a poor or non-existent catalog can create huge problems for collecting institutions.

What happens when your Cataloging is poor?

  • You acquire multiple examples of the same thing.

  • You don’t acquire something you should because you think you already have one or that the object you currently have is in better condition.

  • You can’t find something when you want it.

  • You have no idea what an object’s provenance is and what stories it can tell, meaning it’s ultimately not interpretable.

  • You can’t identify when something has been stolen or misplaced.


Advantages of good Cataloging of your product

Cataloging provides niche audience targeting opportunities

Creating targeted versions of catalogs for a select list of your customers or prospects can be a great way to more effectively tailoring content to media consumption habits and preferences.

Simplifies a customer’s ordering process

When the mode of responding is either attached or part of your mailed catalog, it couldn’t be simpler for a customer to understand how to begin their ordering process.

Establish a brand voice and style

You have more space to express your brand through words and images. Make sure the design reflects what you want your brand’s overall design to look like, as it will be the only thing representing it to many prospects or customers who may not be super familiar with your brand


Even if the product is good and the cataloging is not so eye-catching, it will definitely affect the sales and will ruin the band value, which can also lead to customer attrition.

We at Maxicus, maximize your product value by Categorizing & Indexing the business offerings, ensuring immaculate product listings & tagging, and provide a white-collar Content Management System. We believe in what looks good, sounds good, also sells well.


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