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Rethinking enterprise e-surveillance monitoring beyond just monitoring your business

Predominantly, businesses leverage video surveillance for security purposes. Enterprises used to place video surveillance cameras as the first line of defense on their commercial properties. However, in recent years this narrative has changed as e-surveillance monitoring has shown immense potential. The traditional boundaries of video surveillance monitoring are fading and unifying with a broader spectrum of business operations. Today, it can be used in sales, logistics management, marketing, R&D, etc.

“Video surveillance monitoring has broken the stereotype and shown its charisma in myriad business aspects where real-time visibility plays a greater role.”

Cameras are helping operators to see beyond just suspicious activities. From managing business information to intelligence, e-surveillance drives scientific research and analysis of human movements and traffic patterns. It is not just safeguarding your businesses but providing a plethora of customer insights and Business Intelligence (BI) into operation. E-Surveillance is allowing enterprises to run their operation in different geographical locations from one command center. The command center monitoring practices are gaining popularity, especially in post-pandemic.

Take control of your infrastructure and experience the benefits of real-time monitoring.

Traditional CCTV camera monitoring was to prevent break-ins or record crime. However, surveillance technology is evolving and enhancing business operations across industries. Especially in the retail, manufacturing, and education sectors, video surveillance has changed the game in their favor.

Let us explore a few areas where video surveillance is proving to be more than effective for businesses.

Rethinking enterprise e-surveillance monitoring beyond just monitoring your business

Video surveillance offers an array of applications beyond just security and monitoring. Building upon the above conversation, we will discuss the practical applications of video surveillance in other business initiatives.

Eliminates process bottlenecks

The real-time visibility to operators helps to catch intruders and contributes to the smooth functioning of business operations. E-Surveillance monitoring eliminates supply chain disruptions in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, etc.

With real-time visibility, operators can get rid of the roadblocks even before they occur. Even if anything comes up, it can be dealt with quickly. For example, accidents, fire breakouts are a bottleneck for seamless operation. With live video, operators can take fast action to prevent severe damage to the property and human lives.

Top 5 e-surveillance trends

Indeed, it is a game-changer for enterprises. It saves a lot of money for businesses; it will save lives as well. Video surveillance ensures your process compliances are achieved with seamless operations.

Keeps a check on employee productivity

Enterprises struggle to track employee activities in the workplace, especially with factories and manufacturing plants where thousands of employees work in different shifts. Signature and punch cards are no longer valid to manage such a vast workforce. Besides, these can only track in and out time but cannot track their productivity in working hours.

Video surveillance makes it easy for managers to track their adherence and productivity. For instance, if a group of employees spend too much time in the canteen and skipping work, operators watching the real-time visual can announce them to get back to work immediately. Besides, surveillance creates deterrence among employees as they feel somebody is always watching them.

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Gain business insights

Video surveillance allows operators to monitor around the clock, which gives precious businesses intelligence. It is helpful beyond ensuring security. For example, operators sitting in front of the screen can measure the highs and lows of customer traffic in a supermarket and share it with the managers. Then the managers can optimize staff and make a roster according to that. Besides, when you see it is getting crowded inside the store, you can assign more representatives to attend customers. In addition, you can train employees to hone their customer service skills to tackle excessive crowds during peak hours and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Remote project management

Nowadays, e-surveillance monitoring systems come with a remote monitoring feature. Remote video surveillance enables corporations to run their businesses smoothly in any part of the world. The operators sitting in a city can look after the business operation in a dockside warehouse effortlessly. This capability empowers businesses to carry out business compliance checks remotely. Remote video surveillance saves a lot of money from appointing heavy security staff in every location.

Augmenting sales

Video surveillance can stir up sales in retail stores. As the operators can analyze customer traffic patterns, managers can adjust and move inventories. Therefore, retail stores can take full advantage of high customer traffic by ensuring no product goes out of stock during peak hours. Video surveillance allows businesses to sell more and more products by predicting customer traffic, making the products are always available.

Employee safety

Employee safety is at the utmost priority for organizations. Video surveillance can help to prevent on-the-job accidents as the operators can see the visuals in real-time. Therefore, if they find any issues with the heavy machines, they can alert workers not to enter that section. In addition, if someone gets injured in an isolated place in a huge factory, operators can immediately send help to save lives.

Maintain workplace hygiene

As the offices, factories, and warehouses are opening slowly, maintaining workplace hygiene in a post-pandemic world is most important for seamless operation. Especially when the world is socially distancing, enterprises are refraining from putting much workforce in offices. However, those whose job role demands spot visits are only reporting to work. They are working with proper government guidelines. With video surveillance monitoring, operators can check whether they are wearing masks and PPE kits while working or not. Without being close, the employees can be alerted if they are violating any hygiene rules.

Smart parking management

With managing inside the supermarket, it is also essential to address the outside. Customers coming in huge numbers can park their vehicles in the wrong places, leading to traffic disruption and chaos that will undoubtedly impact the business. Here video surveillance systems come to the rescue. The managers can set up a well-organized vehicle parking strategy through video surveillance. The operators can quickly find out the available parking space and direct the visitor to park their vehicle over there. It eliminates traffic disruptions in the parking area that allow visitors to spend more time in the store.

Take control with real-time video monitoring

Final thoughts

Irrespective of the industry, real-time visibility monitoring is the cherry on the cake. For enterprises looking to implement systematic alignment of business operations, video surveillance is working as a catalyst. Maxicus offers e-surveillance monitoring services to enterprises to enhance their business ambitions beyond just monitoring. Contact us with a click.

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