6 benefits of live video monitoring outsourcing for commercial offices

6 benefits of live video monitoring outsourcing for commercial offices

Live video monitoring is a powerful crime prevention tool. The global video surveillance market is projected to reach $74.6 billion by 2025 in revenue. (Source) From installation to implementation, live video monitoring outsourcing covers all the security surveillance needs of commercial offices. Video monitoring for commercial offices operates closely with their business clients to develop the best commercial video surveillance system that fits their business needs and budgets.

By outsourcing video monitoring for commercial offices, enterprises can detect anything unusual that can be dealt it in real time. The faster the response is, the greater the chance of restricting any kind of crime that can literary harm your business. When perpetrators see the live monitoring video cameras installed in offices, they are forced to think twice before entering the office premises. Outsourcing allows you to be on the front sit regarding security arrangements. There is more to outsourcing video monitoring for commercial offices such as round-the-clock surveillance, cost-effectiveness, and expert guidance, let’s dig deeper and find out more.

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6 benefits of live video monitoring outsourcing for commercial offices

6 benefits of live video monitoring outsourcing for commercial offices

Monitor employee behavior, habits, and patterns

A commercial office hires a good number of workers and they struggle to keep a track of their activities. Employees are humans at the end of the day and they are likely to behave differently in patterns and habits. For instance, they may be using the office premises for illegal activities, non-adherence to the strict office rules, resorting to any kind of criminal behavior, etc. The outsourced expert operators can easily spot this human behavior on the live monitoring cameras leveraging video analytics in real-time. Stopping any criminal activity to take place on office premises enhances productivity in business operations.

Quicker response times

If a violation occurs in real time, the faster the law enforcement agency comes to restrict it, the greater the arrest rate is. This also allows recovering stolen properties. Since outsourced live video monitoring operators work in sync with the police administration, their practiced collaboration is beneficial for both parties.

Real-time intervention

By outsourcing video monitoring for commercial offices, businesses get more than just a video monitoring facility. Outsourcing service providers will not only just camera feed but also intervene, in case, any abnormal activity is taking place inside your office. The outsourced live monitoring teams can direct action, in case, of any employee misconduct. For example, sexual harassment on the floor can be stopped, then and there. Later, you can decide what actions you can take against the offender. It even prevents outbound intruders from stealing your valuable data, laptops, or computers.

Prevent employee theft

The way data theft by outsiders has become a problem, data theft by employees has become an even greater issue to deal with. Office operations are not just under the control of one person alone. The data travels across the management pyramid. Although you trust your employees, you still cannot ignore the possibility of someone putting a pen drive into the system and stealing the customers’ crucial details. Well, many have suffered losses because of such instances and many businesses have been shut down. With live video surveillance, the outsourced monitoring team stops this act and catches them red-handed rather than looking for the footage and going to the cops. Until then, it may become too late and the data may have already been compromised.

Consistent seamless live monitoring

Once you install the live video monitoring system at your office, you need to hire people who can sincerely observe the live feed, 24×7. If you are compromising on consistent and quality live video monitoring, then, you might get into trouble. The outsourced live video monitoring team is equipped with well-trained experts watching the video feed, in real time, remotely, 24×7. If they find unusual circumstances after a thorough investigating, they will instantly notify you on the smartphones and the crime can be prevented. Besides, if some bug appears on the system and the feed is stopped, the outsourcing providers will fix it in real-time and ensure that you get seamless live video surveillance.

Cut expenses on hiring additional security staff

Hiring a good number of security staff executives will cost you a huge amount of money and resources, undoubtedly but the outsourcing providers can eliminate these extra expenses. To be realistic, the security guard can only physically protect the office from the outside which is not 100% of the surveillance required. There is a lot that they have no control over. Outsourcing saves you from spending on the hiring of additional security staff and allows you to utilize the resources in core business activities.

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With live video monitoring outsourcing for enterprises, you can feel peace of mind for all of your confidential business data, and other commercial properties are monitored properly, live, and around the clock. Properly outsourced live video monitoring services keep you combat-ready to take on any unwelcome circumstances. We endorse the idea that prevention is better than cure. Maxicus ensures to block any possible crime or compliance issues, that is, a head-on for enterprises.

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