Text Data Annotation:

Get Accurately-labeled Datasets for Your AI/ML Model

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Text Data Annotation:
Get Accurately-labeled Datasets for Your AI/ML Model

With our exceptional ML training models and precise metadata tagging services, we help businesses create high-quality text annotations while eliminating inefficiencies.

Our text annotation services for ML incorporate automated corpus processing, deep textualization, and multi-tier monitoring with integrated quality control. Accuracy is our top priority while preparing datasets for ML algorithms that resonate with effortless pattern discovery and seamless inferring.

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Use Cases


Text Categorization

Adjusting text elements on any document and categorizing according to client's requirements.


Semantic Annotation

Various elements in a document can be described with a meaningful concept correlated to their nature.


Phrase Chunking

Tagging different parts of speech with linguistic/grammatical frameworks ensures a deep understanding of words and expressions in several languages.


Entity Linking

Annotators meticulously analyze the content accumulated from a document and specify a connection between several parts of sentences or phrases.


Metadata Labeling

Attaching supplementary detailed erudition to text components that allow AI and ML to interpret datasets easily.

Verticals for Text Annotation Services


Text annotation turns medical data into valuable insights that improve patient care, manage regulatory compliance, and streamline operations.


Text annotation enables brands to analyze sentiment and intent within customer reviews and comments to enhance shopping experiences.

Social media

Text annotation helps social media platforms transform user stories and opinions filled with acronyms and complex abbreviations into structured data.


Financial institutions use text annotation to extract complex details from application forms, adjuster notes, and other resources to minimize risk, improve efficiency, and enhance CX.

Why Choose Maxicus?

  • High Quality, Precise Datasets
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Assured Data Security
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Cost Effective

Over the years, we have helped several Fortune500 companies with our unmatched text annotation and metadata labeling services to empower deep learning algorithms. With the strategic blend of cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled annotators, we label datasets that are the best fit for your use case.


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