Should you be outsourcing customer support for your business

Should you be outsourcing customer support for your business?

The key to surviving in a competitive market for a business is to develop and sustain a loyal customer base for its products and services. Loyalty and trust, like the city of Rome, aren’t built overnight. Consistent and seamless customer support ensures positive customer experiences. These positive experiences then culminate into a relationship that is built between a business and it’s customers. And this is where outsourcing customer support becomes important.

A study by PwC highlights that most customers would be willing to pay a premium of over 16% on the listed price of a product if guaranteed a good experience. Customers today value their experiences with brands, more than the product they pay for.

Customer service might not be every business’ forte, but it has time and again proven vital for their success. Customer Experience is today recognized as an avenue for business growth; just as per Walker’s prediction.

How do you measure the success of your customer experience?

Here’s why Outsourcing Customer Support is a good business strategy:

Money saved is money earned

Cost savings are usually the biggest drivers of outsourcing business processes. Hiring an in-house customer support team is almost always more expensive than outsourcing the same to an experienced partner.  While minimizing overheads significantly, specialized Customer Support Reps also ensure the best quality of service to your end customers.

An edge over the competition

With a team dedicated to providing the best possible support to your customers, outsourcing gives you an edge over your competition. Extended support after-hours or even on weekends, across multiple channels will draw and retain more customers for your business.

Going tech-savvy never hurt anyone

By associating your brand with a new age Contact Center and Business Process Management firm, you open up technological avenues for your business. With the right partner, you get access to the latest technology and digital channels for Customer Service, that you might not have otherwise been able to invest in.

Time is money

Outsourcing customer support allows your employees to concentrate on more pressing concerns, while someone else takes care of all customer concerns. Solutions like AI-based Chat and Self Service channels save time and effort of team members. We’re talking of 24*7 support, without the overheads of extra time clocked in.

24*7 multilingual support

Global businesses need round-the-clock, multilingual customer support to cater to a large, diversified customer base. While an in-house support team may seem to like the only way to ensure great experiences, an outsourced team brings higher productivity to the table. Outsourcing a process to a seasoned partner enables a brand to serve its customers even after closing hours, in the customer’s native language. Helping in relationship building, it also increases the chances of customer retention.

A handbook to select the perfect outsourcing partner for your business

Finding the right partner

CX has become a key differentiator amongst brands. Catering to customers and providing good customer support has become the foundation of brand building. Maxicus, as a Customer Support Outsourcing partner, has been helping leading global brands in various sectors. We build on services like lead generation, customer retention, lead nurturing and more to empower business growth for those associated with us. To get more information about our inbound and outbound customer support services, contact us.

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