Maximizing Customer Experience In The Digital Age

Maximizing Customer Experience In The Digital Age

As predicted by Gartner, a customer’s experience with a business has left both price and product behind in the race toward customer loyalty and retention.

Customer Experience (CX) has become a profitable avenue for businesses across industries, as it helps improve:

  • Customer Loyalty & Retention
  • Successful up-and-cross selling
  • Online & Offline Brand Reputation
  • Value from Business

It is common knowledge that great customer service and sustainable support are delivered by a well-informed team, assisted by integrated tools and systems that enable them to make the right customer-centric decisions.

Over and above that, the best service delivery ratings come when customers are empowered to resolve queries themselves.

Enter: DIY & Self Service

How to manage customer expectations in the digital landscape?

The New Is Here

The pace of change in the Customer Experience industry is phenomenal. With new and disruptive tech like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics is used to create more efficient frameworks, organizations are doing all they can to find the sweet spot for maximizing CX and profitability, amidst this transformation. As per the same Gartner survey cited above, even though ‘people’ are rated the top priority for improving CX, the top investments and growth are in technology.

Real Talk

The organizations today are in two major blocks – New-Age-Born-Digital Organizations and Legacy brands that are transforming themselves continuously. We interviewed some CX leaders and stakeholders from across the two segments. Their responses were quite similar:

  • Cost and C-SAT are the two most significant topics
  • Sooner rather than later, Customer Service ends up on the cost side of operations
  • Marketing and Sales continue to be a priority for IT and Innovation teams

Be it delivery floors of contact centers, or even retail stores, the major concerns that businesses today face are:

  • The increasing complexity of tech ecosystems
  • Soaring customer expectations
  • Diminishing patience levels

Enrichment Amidst Transformation

In today’s competitive ecosystem, and an ideal partner would be one who can:

  • Help frontline Customer Service Teams navigate through complicated tech
  • Offer customized technology solutions and launch AI-assisted channels
  • Dovetail all market requirements into the digital roadmap of the partner’s organization

Here’s where a digital-driven Contact Centre comes into the picture; enabling the transformation from a “cost center” to a “revenue enhancer”. Sound solutions are built with an ear to the ground and experience in integrating technology for building unique solutions for specific business needs.

Maxicus – A Kochartech company, Our motto is to maximize customer experience & we strive to maximize the efficiency of our partners to the best of our abilities. We’re passionate about great customer experiences that allow businesses to get a firmer foothold in the market and stay ahead of the competition. To gain more insight into our side of business and operations, drop us a note here.

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