After-sales service refers to various post-sale facilities or treatments that are provided by a business for their customers who have purchased a product or service. Let us understand it through two examples:

  • A customer bought a TV of Samsung from an online platform. Once the customer receives the product, Samsung contacts that customer and schedule a free installation and demo and assign a person for the same.
  • A phone call from the company side to get feedback about a product bought by a customer and whether it is properly working or not.

Nowadays, this type of post-purchase customer service is setting off as a very important factor for a business. Regular after-sales service puts a positive impact on customers which will, in turn, improves customer satisfaction ( CSAT).

After-sales service develops a long-lasting customer relationship. It improves customer retention and lowers customer churn. Generally, a customer who experiences flawless post-purchase customer service will be a trusted voice and promoter of the brand. So the customer will refer other people to purchase the product and also can post positive reviews about the brand. This eventually will improve the sales figures for the company. Thus to improve customer loyalty and built a strong association of customers with a brand, businesses should start After-sales service for their customers.

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Ways to promote effective after-sales service

Thanking your customers immediately after their purchase

If your customer has just made a purchase then they deserve a thank you, whether by sending an automated email after their purchase or a thank you note added to the invoice. You make your customer’s experience more attractive and you show that he chose well by doing business with you. In addition, with the name of a person to contact in case of questions, you reassure the buyer that your company is doing everything they can.

Contact your customer after a week of purchase

One or two weeks after the purchase, it is worthwhile to contact your customer to ask them if they are satisfied, received good service, or if they have any questions. This contact serves only as a mark of attention, not to sell them more. The goal is to know his appreciation for the product or service sold.

Maintaining communication is key to after-sales service

You can continuously maintain communication with your client by sending an e-newsletter to inform them about topics that affect them, or by offering information through articles, videos, guides, and webinars to help advise them on needs. You will show, by maintaining communication, your professionalism, and expertise. If you give them all the information they need, they will be much less likely to go elsewhere.

Suggest a second sale

Now that your customer has confidence in you, it’s time to offer another sale. Offering them a new product, service, or something related to their previous purchase.

Ask for recommendations or reviews

If your client appreciates you, there is no reason not to recommend you. Happy customers will be eager to help you offer your services or products to those around them. Their opinion will be more taken into consideration than an advertisement.


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