Back office optimization is the process of streamlining and automating workforce tasks that occur in a contact center. It also aligns back-office functions with front-office workflows to improve customer experience across the customer lifecycle

An optimized back office is key to providing a consistent and positive customer experience and is dependent on their performance. Many mid and back offices are struggling to measure and improve their productivity and are also facing growing year-on-year operating costs.

In organizations such as banking and insurance where much of the customer value is created behind the scenes in the back-office, increased backlog and delays not only impact back-office staff but also the front office workload for example, if customers repeatedly call chasing their approvals.

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your back-office processes can lead to significantly reduced costs, greater productivity, and, of course, better customer experience across the entire organization.


Back office optimization

  • Improved productivity: Increase the number of transactions processed and eliminate inefficiencies
  • Reduce costs: Reduce operational costs by driving out workflow inefficiencies
  • Business Insight: Gain operational insight to drive dramatic business transformation and drive continuous improvement
  • Improve compliance: Improve compliance adherence for tasks that must be accomplished within regulated time frames
  • Meet Service Targets: Meet service goals and reducing backlogs to reduce complaints and reduce the customer journey.


Creating a plan to optimize back-office operations is critical. A good plan aligns all the different moving parts in the environment—systems, people, schedules, tasks, and business priorities. This in turn unlocks new efficiencies and cuts costs. Back-office operations are critical to your business; however, some organizations are running at an operational deficit, resulting in a loss of time, profit, and client trust. If the front office is the division designed to make money, your back offices should run interdependently and complimentary to support those efforts.


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