Video Analytics

Data that works for you.

Businesses across industries face the common challenge of turning mute data into actionable information. Being unable to make measurable impact on their business strategies, they lose out on various opportunities for growth. Data and analytics can revolutionize revenue management and by providing credible insights into your business as well as consumer demand and behavior.
With Maxicus’ e-Surveillance capabilities, be assured of video-based analytics powering your business processes. Because there is more to data than it seems.

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People Counting

Get data on walk-ins and conversions to identify and improve engagement with your customers. Analyze sales performance, wait time, and visit frequency of customers to strategize business development and marketing campaigns better.

Energy & Space Management

With data recorded for units of energy used and adherence for workplace hygiene, always be in the know. Video analytics allow for efficient utilization of resources and space. Essential for warehousing and retail businesses, video analytics enable you to take the necessary steps to save more.

Adherence to Operating Procedures

With technology that is intelligent and competent, keeping a close eye on adherence to Standard Operating Procedures just got easier. Maintain workplace hygiene using actionable data on open-close timings, inventory management, etc.

Perimeter Guarding & Security

Video analytics for perimeter guarding and security of workplace premises allow you to be present even when you’re not. With line-crossing alarms, and smart cameras looking out for you, be rest assured of the safety of your business.

Business Benefits Delivered

Retail Outlets


Workplaces & Offices

Banks & ATM Branches

  • Customized solutions as per business needs
  • Higher Return on Investments
  • Unified, Cloud-based platform for 360o view
  • Actionable Analytics for better strategizing

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