Object Detection, Recognition & Tracking

The Computer Vision Triad

Computer Vision, a subset of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, is the new disruptor in the tech world. At Maxicus, we leverage the best of our capabilities and technology to bring you the best solutions.

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Enabling machines to see and analyze environments

Computer Vision allows for machines to see and interpret visual information. The revolution this technology has brought to the surveillance industry is unparalleled. With easier, more convenient ways to keep an eye out for safety, security and hygiene and business efficiency, Maxicus has created a niche for itself in the market by merging its capabilities with that of technology.


The goal of this function is to discover the presence of an object within the camera frame. To be able to detect and differentiate the presence of an object from the background, edge, boundaries, and pattern detection algorithms are deployed.


Based on what is detected, machines are trained to focus on features and characteristics to recognize the nature of the object based on matching, learning and pattern recognition. Feeding machines with relevant data is what makes this training possible.


Machine Learning algorithms learn and develop with experience. A tracking algorithm will ideally follow and locate an object of interest, upon detection and recognition; giving the user a detailed journey of the object from one location to another.

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