Audio Annotation:

Accelerate Your Annotation with Precision

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Audio Annotation:
Accelerate Your Annotation with Precision

Natural language processing (NLP) can make your machines understand speech patterns and recognize voice to make bot interactions more meaningful. NLP-based algorithms are used to process, analyze, and provide valuable output for seamless voice datasets. This ensures high-precision and high-quality annotation outputs.

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Simplify Your Audio Annotation Process Effortlessly


From audio files to audio classification, each sound is perfectly transcribed to form accurate datasets for specific user needs.


Such services allow you to identify speakers, adjust timestamps for high composability with human intervention, and reduce TAT.


Our annotation services, including review and annotation of audio files, are not just applicable for big B2B organizations, but also for small businesses and medium enterprises.


Large files are queued and organized in a streamlined manner and annotated based on priority with human intervention on a tech-integrated platform.

Use Cases

use case

Audio Transcription

Our workforce, with AI-assisted technology, will identify, segregate, and interpret data to determine gender, age, emotion, and more.

use case

Lexicon Development

We allow our audio annotation to feed various inputs so that it can understand the difference between various contexts in the language, speech, and tone.

use case

Data Collection

Our system collects data to store, interpret, and train chatbots and conversational agents through an audio interface.

Measuring Customer Engagement with Audio Annotation

  • Number of dropped off annotations
  • Interactions per audio
  • Data extraction per audio file
  • Goal completion
  • Information retrieval rate
  • Analysis of sentiment, motivation, and background information

Why Choose Maxicus?

  • Seamlessly handling large volumes of audio annotation data
  • Specialization in converting raw information into meaningful insights
  • Team of experts using AI-assisted tools for annotation processes
  • Simplifying annotation and labeling audio with respect to segmentation, human behavior, and sentiment analysis

We deliver quick, easy, and precise extraction as the final outcome with human intervention at each process workflow.


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