A contact center is a central point of all customer interactions across multiple integrated channels of an organization. It handles all forms of communication, not only voice calls but email, social media, and instant messaging, live chat, etc. This is where it differs from a call center which traditionally handles calls only. This originated as a call center and used letters and calls. This then evolved to include fax, and then email. But how is a call center different than a contact center?


Difference between the two

Call centers field inbound calls, carry out outbound calls, and make the phone channel as efficient and optimized as possible. Call centers can handle large call volumes and have a precise function.

Contact centers have the same purpose, but they work over more channels than just the phone. Its agents work in different ways, towards a common goal.

Eventually, the decision between a contact center and call center depends on what will best suit your business: its scale, activity, and goals. However, you can choose how to carry out that plan. A contact center allows you more centralized control over your strategy. But a call center used in conjunction with equally specialized services for each channel is an alternative to keep in mind, as it will allow more flexibility, more cooperation, and a better focus on the customer.


Key Benefits of Contact Center Outsourcing

It makes good business sense for companies to outsource their contact centers. They are proven to be more efficient, cut costs, and can provide a higher quality of service. Lets find out.

  • Addresses rising customer support demands.
  • Addresses peak volume overflow.
  • Cost reduction potential. 
  • Provides specialized industry knowledge. 
  • Better cost management. 
  • Helps to convert call center data into actionable insights. 
  • Get access to multiple digital engagement platforms.

As contact centers are becoming more and more necessary to address customer concerns, businesses are outsourcing customer support and lead generation to the industry experts.


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