Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a system that is generally used in a call center that handles the incoming call from customers. This is used to distribute incoming calls to the most suitable agent based on some pre-defined rules. As a result, the agent can answer the caller’s query appropriately. To drive an uninterrupted calling process in customer support, the ACD tool plays an important role in the contact center.

Beside call routing, if all agents are busy and there is no availability incall queue, ACD can automatically redirect those calls into voicemail. This feature makes ACD as the best tool to control call overflow. ACD also provides multiple location support. For example, with this feature, a customer support agent working in Delhi can easily transfer calls to another agent in Bangalore for some specific reason.

ACD can identify incoming calls of high-profile customers ( identified on the basis of the previous database). This minimizes waiting time to ensure a fast response from a suitable agent and maintains high customer value.


How does an Automatic Call Distributor work?

Calls can be routed to the specific agent or department that is most qualified to address the customer’s needs. For instance, callers from India will be routed to Hindi-speaking agents. Calls can also be routed to agents or departments based on the phone number the caller dialed. If the customer calls the technical support phone number, they will be routed to the technical support department. If none are available, they will be placed in front of the waiting queue.

Callers are identified as VIP based on predefined information, tags that they were assigned as well as information from integrated databases or business tools. It allows for the acquisition of data to facilitate real-time and historical reporting such as the number of incoming calls, amount of time an agent spends on the phone with a caller, the total number of calls (incoming and outgoing), length of calls, waiting time before the call was answered, etc.

These companies can easily function as one by integrating their systems into one virtual call center using an ACD. ACDs can route calls to remote agents, multiple sites, internationally, and to mobile phones. ACDs give callers who would like to avoid the waiting queue the option to have an agent call them back instead. For callers who would like to speak to a specific agent, they can dial their extension to be immediately transferred. When all agents are busy and the queues are full, calls can be automatically directed to voicemail using the ACD.
With this functionality, businesses can easily handle high call volumes and become more cohesive, cost-effective, and professional.



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