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Work From Anywhere

You thought that the comfort of working remotely was only limited to some jobs? With our Work-From-Anywhere platform - Leap, welcome flexibility and productivity into your work life at the location of your choice.

Increase your Happiness Quotient

Increase your Happiness Quotient

Be it a coffee shop, your native hometown or your own space in the city. Maxicus’ Work-From-Anywhere Solution allows you to be surrounded by your favorite things/people even when you’re at work.

Did you know that your stress level would be on an all time low if you’re in a familiar space? Strike the work-life balance and achieve unparalleled growth, in your professional and personal life, together.

Flexibility follows you

Flexibility follows you

While saving time, you also end up saving on your will to get through traffic jams! It’s important to take breaks that help you relieve stress and remain productive through the day.

With Leap, you get to decide whether your break is for a cup of coffee or downtime with your pet. As long as you meet requirements, work on your terms from the place that you like.

Save and earn at the same time

Save and earn at the same time

The money you save on travel and additional work-wear would be multiplied when you add in the perks of making use of the saved time! Earn up to 5%-20% more by logging in those additional hours you saved up on by choosing to Work-From-Anywhere you like.

With a better work-life balance and savings in your pocket, it’s a win-win for all stakeholders involved.

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What you need, technically

There are some things you need to ensure before you decide to take up a Work-From-Anywhere role. Listed below are the absolute minimum requirements for all remote employees who choose to work through Leap:

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Technical Requirements

  • PC/Laptop with i3 (or similar/better) processor
  • 4GB of RAM or more
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Headphone/ Mic
  • Power backup
  • Background noise cancellation
The Final Round

Quiet Working Area

While we understand that you might not have an office in the space of your choice, it is also important for you to dedicate a quite space for your working hours. Especially for job roles pertaining to Voice Support, we need our remote employees to deliver the best-in-class service to customers. Bonus: You get to make it as comfortable as you want!

The Final Round

Will To Commit

We trust you to be available through your working hours. It is vital that you commit to these requirements and your standard operating procedures (SOPs), even from a remote area. Specifically as a Customer Support Agent, Maxicus counts on you to help us deliver great customer experiences while being conscious of your schedules and targets.

Maxicus’ Digital Hiring Process for Remote Support Agents

Step 01

Review of Application

Review of

In addition to the application form you submit, we try to get to know you a little just then. Applicants also send in a short video of themselves talking about their personal interests and their motivation for the role.

Step 02

Nice to e-Meet You

Nice to
e-Meet You

Upon selection, we schedule an online meeting for further screening via video calling. On this call, we discuss your role, responsibilities with our organization. This video call also helps us understand your job expectations.

Step 03

Testing Times

Basic Skills

We test your soft skills along with your proficiency in language and typing. These tests are conducted over video call, designed to help us test your Internet connectivity and speed.

Step 04

The Final Round

The Final

A final round of interview is done with your employer to get you acquainted with the project and your role in it. You get to interact with your future superior to understand the process better.

Working from home was never this easy.

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