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Quality Auditor – Quality

India · Gurgaon
  • Call Auditing and analysis
  • Reporting to AM/Manager
  • Performing call monitoring, identifying errors, and best practices on the call.
  • Documenting call behaviors and giving appropriate feedback to the customer service agents.
  • Applying 80:20 rules while giving feedback to the agent, discussing the call, and creating an action plan with timelines.
  • Identifying call drivers and reporting to Quality TL/Manager.
  • Using appropriate data management system to compile and track performance at team and individual levels.
  • Participating and facilitating Calibrations sessions to check to understand and maintain consistency with feedback.
  • Providing training team with actionable data as and when required.
  • Providing feedback to Call Center team leaders and managers.
  • Preparing and analyzing internal and external quality reports/presentations for management staff review.
  • Performing translations, IVR recordings, and language assessments.
  • Regular meetings with the Quality manager