Quality Auditor – Quality

India · Amritsar

Job Role: 

Responsible for monitoring and analyzing customer service calls to ensure that they meet company standards for quality and customer satisfaction. The role involves listening to recorded calls, identifying areas for improvement, documenting call behaviors, and providing feedback to customer service agents.

Job Description:

  • Call Auditing and analysis
  • Reporting to AM/Manager
  • Performing call monitoring, identifying errors, and best practices on the call.
  • Documenting call behaviors and giving appropriate feedback to the customer service agents.
  • Applying 80:20 rules while giving feedback to the agent, discussing the call, and creating an action plan with timelines.
  • Identifying call drivers and reporting to Quality TL/Manager.
  • Using appropriate data management system to compile and track performance at team and individual levels.
  • Participating and facilitating Calibrations sessions to check to understand and maintain consistency with feedback.
  • Providing training team with actionable data as and when required.
  • Providing feedback to Call Center team leaders and managers.
  • Preparing and analyzing internal and external quality reports/presentations for management staff review.
  • Performing translations, IVR recordings, and language assessments.
  • Regular meetings with the Quality manager