A poor quality customer service can push consumers away, but you can minimize customer churn and improve retention rates for your startup with an efficient customer support outsourcing service provider.

Along with the quality of service, outsourcing adds many more benefits to a startup business, with cost reduction being the major one. Benefits of outsourcing tech support for startups include skilled expertise, enhanced business productivity & growth, and customized, flexible, and scalable solutions to meet unique business needs.

76% of consumers evaluate customer service as a parameter of how a brand values them.

Should you outsource customer support service for your startup? Here are a few reasons why decision makers are hiring external call center for their startups, and why you too should do it.

  • Optimize Business Costs: Though not the only, but one of the most important reasons for startups to outsource. Outsourcing turns fixed business costs into variables, helping startups save and invest in other critical areas of their organization. With an outsourced customer support, you can get rid of costs involved in hiring, training, and fulfilling other basic needs of an in-house staff, and pay only for the services availed.
  • Flexibility of Scaling Up/Down: Outsourcing service providers are flexible enough to meet the intense shifts in need of the number of agents, enabling faster scalability. This facility can help startups meet immediate needs for short term campaigns, or when their business size grows up. For instance, ecommerce sites attract more visitors during the festive seasons, creating a temporary need for additional support staff that can be easily met with a customer support outsourcing.
  • Improved Compliance to Business Standards: When you hire an outsourcing partner, you are not only delegating a third party to support your customers, but also handing over the private user data. A reliable service provider follows parameters to ensure safety and compliance with industry regulations. However, making checks for background, clean desk and internet access policies can help you find a better partner. Though most of the top outsourcing service providers are more careful towards maintaining compliance and security standards.
  • Focus on Core Performance: For startups, managing in-house customer support service is easy, but when the size grows, it becomes difficult to manage both core functions and customer service. However, when you outsource tech support to a third-party service provider, you can focus more on core competencies of your business.
  • Know Your Customers Better: For startups to grow, understanding behavior and preferences of their customers is quite important. Business managers can use this data to improve their products and services, as per consumers’ expectations, attracting more buyers and gaining higher revenue. Being a new player in the industry, startups don’t have the required tools and expertise to get valuable customer insights, but can still ensure better growth when they outsource technical support to a professional firm.

Thus, customer support outsourcing is preferred by startups and small business owners to ensure sophisticated business growth. With trained support professionals handling customer queries, managers can focus on creating better products and generating more sales.


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