WFM Sr Manager/AGM – Operations

India · Amritsar

Job Role: 

The BPO Workforce Management Manager is responsible for optimizing the utilization of human resources within a BPO organization. They oversee staffing levels, scheduling, forecasting, and real-time management to ensure efficient operations and meet client service level agreements (SLAs). This role plays a crucial part in maintaining service quality while controlling labor costs.


Job Description: 

  • Workforce Planning: Develop and maintain staffing models, forecast future staffing requirements, and plan for seasonal variations and client demand.
  • Scheduling: Create and manage employee schedules to ensure coverage aligns with workload, taking into account agent preferences and compliance with labor laws.
  • Real-time Management: Monitor real-time performance metrics and make necessary adjustments to staffing, breaks, and schedules to meet SLAs and maintain service quality.
  • Data Analysis: Analyze historical data and call volume trends to refine forecasting accuracy and improve resource allocation.
  • Capacity Planning: Assess the BPO’s ability to handle new projects or clients and make recommendations for staffing and resource requirements.
  • Performance Metrics: Establish, track, and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to workforce management, such as adherence, service level, occupancy, and utilization.
  • Technology Utilization: Utilize workforce management software and tools to optimize scheduling and reporting processes.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with labor laws, company policies, and client-specific requirements in scheduling and workforce management.
  • Training and Development: Collaborate with HR and training departments to provide ongoing training and development to agents and supervisors in workforce management best practices.
  • Communication: Maintain open communication channels with operations managers, team leaders, and client representatives to align workforce management strategies with business objectives.