Job Profile:

Quality Evaluator





Job Description:

Quality Evaluators (Quality) at Maxicus are experience-oriented experts who observe the company’s quality standards, work for the development and advancement of activities, resolution of issues, and conveyance of acceptable results to the clients. We are searching for the most elite person who can hold responsibilities.


Your roles and responsibilities as a Quality Evaluator at Maxicus 

You should have the ability to drive the conversation constantly and surpass customers’ needs and wants. Being a Quality Evaluator at Maxicus you should handle the responsibilities as per the role offered to you only if we find you as a potential Evaluator.


This is what your usual day, as a Quality Evaluator at Maxicus would look like:

  • Identify the customers’ needs and wants.
  • Should be able to give a quick reply.
  • Should understand the customer’s problems.
  • Should be a good listener.
  • Ensuring the customers with complete resolutions.
  • Identifying quality and satisfactory feedback from the customers.


What it means to be a part of the Quality Team

The Quality Team at Maxicus works together to discuss ideas or collaborating information to contribute to a project requiring both verbal and written communication skills. Team Quality supervises the quality of each and every communication which takes place between the client and the agent.

Desired Candidate Profile:

Basic Requirements:

  • Engage in an end-to-end process with the customers.
  • Provide inputs for customers’ wants and needs.
  • Ability to handle multiple customers at a particular time.
  • Develop and run test plans to make sure that all goals are met.
  • Put into use and monitor test scripts to test/evaluate the ability to do things, reliability, performance, and quality of the service or product.
  • Identify and fix (for a problem) defects within the production process.
  • Recommend, put into use, and monitor (serving to stop something bad before it happens) and touching-up behavior to make sure that quality warranty standards are (completed or gained with effort).
  • Collect/make and unriddle (related to studying numbers) data.
  • Secure/make sure that user expectations are met during the testing process.
  • Draft quality warranty policies and procedures.
  • (ask lots of questions about/try to find the truth about) (related to people who use a product or service) complaints and product issues.
  • Secure/make sure of (happening now) obedience of quality and industry rules.



We are looking for:

  • Experience in quality inspection, auditing, and testing.
  • Excellent liaison skills, both written and verbal.
  • Strong tampering and problem-solving skills.
  • Meticulous sustentation to detail.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field (essential).
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in Quality Evaluation management (essential).


You have an edge over others if you:

  • Are a graduate with at least 1 year of experience with team management in voice/non-voice processes.
  • Is able to adapt to the changing business needs and customer demands.
  • An essential skill required for reporting in Excel.
  • Monitor systematically.
  • Collaborate internally and externally. 



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