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Deputy Manager





Job Description:

Deputy Managers (Quality) at Maxicus are Experience Specialists, working in a call center who have to perform duties, which help the call center executives to operate at optimal efficiency. The deputy quality evaluator manager measures and gauges all the activities of the call center executives. 


Your daily goal as a senior Manager with Maxicus: To maximize customer experience for your clients

If you want to be deputy manager at Maxicus then you should ensure that all company products and services meet quality standards, understanding customer expectations, and needs.


This is what your usual day, as a deputy Manager at Maxicus would look like:

  • To participate in designing call formats, and supervising quality standards.
  • To provide insights to the team of agents. 
  • To use a quality supervising data management system for managing performances at the team and individual levels.
  • To watch (for changes, unusual instances, etc.) emails of customer contacts.
  • To provide data to the different internal support groups as and when needed.
  • To coordinate and help call sessions for the agents and support staff.
  • To provide feedback and regular quality updates to the team leaders and managers.
  • To prepare and carefully study internal and external quality reports and manage the staff reviews. 

What it means to be a part of the Quality Team

The Quality Team at Maxicus works together to discuss ideas or collaborating information to contribute to a project requiring both verbal and written communication skills. Team Quality supervises the quality of each and every communication which takes place between the client and the agent.


Desired Candidate Profile:

Basic Requirements:

  • Should have excellent oral, written, and between-people communication skills.
  • Should have excellent listening and (related to careful studying or deep thinking) skills.
  • Should have strong knowledge of customer care processes and ways of doing things.
  • Keeping all relevant records up to date
  • Liaising with relevant internal and external customers as well as auditors over the auditing of the facilities
  • Continually looking to improve inspection activity.
  • Should have (showed/shown or proved) the ability to work well in a team (surrounding conditions).
  • Should be dedicated to providing excellent service to the company
  • Ready to accept challenges and onboard fresh ideas to the table to overcome it.


We are looking for someone who can:

  • Develop quality control processes.
  • Supervise staff and monitor call center KPIs.
  • Produce statistical reports on quality parameters.
  • Report to upper management on critical to quality & process-related challenges.
  • Share product-related insights to internal and external management.
  • Ensure delivery as per client performance expectations.


You have an edge over others if you:

  • Are having past experience as a quality manager.
  • A keen eye for detail and a results-driven approach.
  • Proficient in MS Office.
  • If you have an in-depth understanding of quality control procedures and relevant legal standards.
  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Outstanding communication skills.


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