Data Annotation & Labeling

Input is the key

The world runs on data. More so today, thanks to Machine Learning and its capabilities. Data annotation and labeling for visual information like images, videos etc. make way for efficient training of machines and development of computer vision. Even though one does not need specialized training for labeling data, it is still one of the most sought after processes.

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Simplifying visual information for Machine Learning with Data Labeling

Technologies like AI and Machine Learning are all pervasive in today’s day and age. With the demand for intelligent tech increasing for security concerns, customer journey mapping, people counting etc., data annotation and labeling has become essential.

For AI to evolve, systems are trained to identify elements in images, recognize movements in videos, and understand what is written in text or said in a voice recording. This is where data labeling comes into play. With information annotated as per categories and specifications, machines can improve their learning and understand content better. These Machine Learning algorithms and APIs can only function properly with human interaction; being the foremost reason as to why data labeling is crucial.

Did you know?

Over 90% of time is spent preparing data before it can be used for a Machine Learning and AI model.

Data Annotation and Labeling with Maxicus

At Maxicus, we ensure that our Machine Learning and AI capabilities are enhanced with accurate data inputs, to provide only the best to our clients. We help in streamlining business processes through our Data Annotation services.

This function includes adding keyword-rich tags, bounding boxes, digital labels etc. on visual content.

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